Where did the John wall haters go?

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Where did the John wall haters go?


Wall is a beast and when he gets his running mate out of this draft,


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Hater is such an overused

Hater is such an overused word. Voicing an opinion on something which is even the smallest bit negative is not being a 'hater'. Wall was struggling this season and people listed a lot of valid reasons why he was struggling. He is one of the elite talents in the NBA but needs to improve his half court game and learn when to attack and when to slow down if he is going to break into the elites.

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They are with ricky rubio

They are with ricky rubio "new lovers" in the love boat....

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I love John no homo..he still

I love John no homo..he still need to improve his jump the last 2 games he showed the whole word that he is special talent..

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Get used to it

Get used to it, it happens all the time. Those people will be back on Wall's bandwagon soon....

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lol hater

how about non believer? its hard to argue against his followers or wiz fans (excpt wizofoz maybe).. 10+ games of whack games and our arguement is invalid.. now 1 good game he has he's back to being a beast? yeah lookout.. for the draft pick, see u in lottery

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Yep ppl are quick to turn....

Yep ppl are quick to turn.... I still think Wall and Evan Turner will be future all-stars...

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He still has flaws that will

He still has flaws that will be exposed against great defense teams, but his confidence seems at an all-time high right now. He's attacking, and his jumper has looked better the last two games.

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im still a hater. i think hes

im still a hater. i think hes doodoo. so fricken what, he had 2 good games. remember 2 years ago, nate robinson had like 46 points in 2 straight games?... yeah, wheres he at? shut up you fool. you sound ridiculous, your probably one of those people who think winning a 1 on 1 game means something. idiot.

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My thoughts

People are stupid, one day they'll have John Wall after one game and then love him after he does something good.

Matter of the fact is, Wall is talented and so is Rubio. I mean if you look at Wall's situation where has players like McGee, Blatche and Young and players sometimes go through phases of losing. Wall has the talents to be a superior PG in the league

And people who are quick to judge don't watch Wall or understand his game properly.

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Wall is going to be a good

Wall is going to be a good player, but the kid was way too hyped up. He's not THAT good. He's always gonna be turnover prone and his jump shot will always be shaky. I can see Rubio being the more successful player. John Wall will be a top 10 PG in the league for awhile, but I don't think he'll be a winner.

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He was being touted as "better than Derrick Rose." That's a hard comp to live up to.

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Wall is already a top 10 pg.

Wall is already a top 10 pg. He is THAT good, especially once you guys remember he is only what 13 games into his second year. Even when he supposedly plays bad he hovers around triple doubles. There is no concrete reason anyone could use to back up the statement that he will never win, your basing that off of what you see on one of the youngest, worst supporting cast anyone can have? He is a competitor simple as that, he gives 100 percent and that will always give you a chance to win. His jumper doesn't get the credit it deserves either. It has developed nicely, all he needs is confidence in it.

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