Where is David Stern?

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Where is David Stern?

Couldn't he stop Lebron from doing all this? Fine him or something?

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lol...thats like Obama

lol...thats like Obama stopping the Oil Leak himself

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this is probably good for the

this is probably good for the nba money wise. Everyone will tune into the heat games next year.

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more then one team in the

more then one team in the league...

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Why are people forget all the

Why are people forget all the great draft picks and moves other team have done because of this big 3 the last big 3 won one championship but they did not kill the league and my thing is even with what they have, they still need to beat the Lakers who has just as much talent, an experience coach, years of chemistry, and more depth.

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Sheltwon this big three is

Sheltwon this big three is nothing like the old big three. Ray, Paul, and KG were all out of their primes, and Allen was never on superstar level. Plus they didn't sign there. The Celtics made amazing moves to assemble that team. Sure the Celtic big three only won one, but they probably would have won two if perk didn't go down, and if KG was healthy that second year who knows maybe even three.

This was straight up robbery for the NBA, and is reminiscent of what the Yankee's have been doing the last few years. They just bought three of the top ten players in the NBA, and it is sort of ridiculous. How'd you feel about Gasol to the Lakers? This is pretty much worse, and has taken the competition right out of the sport itself just like the Yankees have. We have seen countless times LeBron and Wade take over games by themselves, so if one of them can't this year then the other will, and if they both can't well Chris Bosh is on of the best players in the NBA. And that team isn't just going to have scrubs. Expect players like Miller, Shaq, and other good players to sign.

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But wouldn't it be sweet if

But wouldn't it be sweet if an underdog beat these guys.

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LeBron and Wade alone would

LeBron and Wade alone would probably be better than Jordan and Pippen; and they won 6 championships. Throw a scoring big man which the Bulls never really had and you have a nigh unbeatable team. Imagine if the Boston Three Party had gotten together 6 years ago... they would have had the League in a stranglehold. This is like that, but worse, because the Cs would have had Kobe and the Spurs to contend with, but the best competition for these three will be Melo and Durant. If Melo and Tony Parker end up with the Knicks and they can make major improvements it might just make it interesting, but it is going to take another ridiculous Big 3 for any team to even challenge in a few years after Kobe is too old/injured to lift the Lakers.

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i hpoe greg oden ends one of

i hpoe greg oden ends one of there careers with a block atempt there the the new tmac/grant hill and i hope the same thing happens to them , there cheaters , he had the nerves to talk abt he was loyal guy bullsh1t

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And the clerics prob would

And the clerics prob would have lost easier if bynum wasn't hurt so can we atop with the "if Perkins wasn't hurt". And this isn't as big of a deal as some try to make. They still won't have a better TEAM then bos or Orlando. Just better three players on offense. Bosh still can't play defense and there's still only one lane and one ball for bron and Wade. If one scores the other sees the ball less. Yes they will be good but they will have to play major minutes on top of dealing with injuries and playing help defense to help out the pg center and bosh. As a team they still will be behind bos and the lakers

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So now people want to make it

So now people want to make it David Stern's job to have players take the most money offered to them? The situation stinks for Cleveland, there is no way of getting around that one. They set up rules for player movement, everyone was dealt a hand, and Miami won big. Vegas doesn't give players a mulligan when pocket aces get broken by rags, this is no different.

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David Stern

If it could be proven that there was a prior agreement between the players and Heat management Stern could void the contracts and make players sign elsewhere... the same thing happened with Miami and Juwan Howard years ago.

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