When will we find the next ???

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When will we find the next ???

I always wonder when we'll get to see the next____________ .....

Kobe Bryant/Micheal Jordan

Karl Malone and John Stockton

Magic Johnson

Larry Bird

Shaquile O'neal

Wilt Chamberlain

Karreem Abdul Jabar

Hakeem Olajawon

Patrick Ewing

Alonzo Mourning

Diekembe Mutumbo

Charles Barkley

Larry Johnson

Shwan Kemp

Penny Hardaway

Tim Hardaway

Grant Hill

Latrel Sprewell

Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett

Steve Nash

Allen Iverson

Stephon Marbury

Steve Francis

Reggie Miller

Jaaml Mashburn

Glen Rice

Glen Robinson

Chris Webber

Rasheed Wallace

Ben Wallace

Tim Duncan

David Robinson

Bill Walton

Dominiq Wilkens

Dennis Rodman

Scottie Pippen

Dr. J

What players do you think have a chance to become the next_____________?

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Well, we already have the

Well, we already have the next Larry Bird in Adam Morrison so you can already scratch that one out.

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I've always thought that the

I've always thought that the search for the next Jordan,Shaq Dr.J,really narrows our overall perspective of the player. Sure there will be traits of these players if the prospect has emulated their game after them, but there is a level of depth and diversion from that player that makes the prospect their own self.

Searching for the next... can cause us to miss vital parts of their game and also puts unfair pressure on the individual to live up to the mold they are suppose to form into, rather than the own individual game style. Rather than Anthony Davis being the next Garnett, let him be the first Anthony Davis. Same with a guy like Drummond. He might not fill the Dwight Howard mold that his game somewhat displays, but i'm sure he can create his own gamestyle.

Sorry it doesnt answer your question, just my opinion about the matter.

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no future player could ever

no future player could ever be "the next wilt chamberlain"

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I hope you don't want us to

I hope you don't want us to answer all of those lol

With the way things have been in the past years, I don't see there ever being Centers like Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Ewing, or Russell ever again

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I don't want to just shut you

I don't want to just shut you down here, but I think what makes all of these players special is the fact that there is unlikely anyone will ever be just like any of them. They all had unique styles, mannerisms, numbers and colors to go along with their dominance and will always be unique. That said there will always be those stars that dominate the league and go down as one of the best to play during their prime, but they are all their own. Even within this list its rather hard to draw any real similarities between them...

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Lost in all of this "looking

Lost in all of this "looking for the next ______" is the fact that each player is so unique it's crazy. Have we ever seen a guy anything like Lebron before? A 6'8 270 pound athletic monster who can dribble like a point, attack the rim like no other, elite ahleticism, and rums the floor like a madman? Have we ever seen a guy like Durant, a 6'11 WING PLAYER that has good enough handles to drive to his sweet spot, has one of the silkiest jumpers ever, and has close to elite jumping ability, and a mamouth wing span, so long and lanky yet so smooth and silky? We probably won't see a 7'1 350 pounder absolutly abuse defenders merely with brute force like Shaq, or a 7 footer with the best jump shot ever that can make a shot falling out of bounds off one foot at a 45 degree angle, with the body structure that alows him to get that post position, or a guy like Kg who in his prime could guard ANYBODY, handle the ball, facilitate, and be an elite defender. But the best part is that we'll continue to see a unique breed of individualized athletes with their own personal game which makes them who they are. As much as I want to see another player dominate like Shaq, I know we'll see plenty of great unique players. Although I will say that MJ and Kobe are so as close as it gets.

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We will never see a lot of

We will never see a lot of guys like these again.

Larry Bird? The best passing forward of all time and despite not having even decent athleticism was one of the 5-10 greatest players ever. He's probably underrated due to many of us having not seen him play, but when I rewatched some of his games on youtube recently I was absolutely blown away. Quite possibly the most skilled player of All Time. There is only one Larry Bird.

Charles Barkley? A 6'6 250 lb dominant PF? Never again.

Kareem? Dude was an All Star for like 20 straight years and was at least 7'1 while still being ultra skilled and coordinated.

Iverson? A guy who played with so much heart and had such unbelievable quickness that he was dominating the NBA with hardly any help for years while being a 5'11 shooting guard.

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You know when people say

You know when people say "there never was, is, or will be another you"?

I think this comes into play here. Every player is unique and even if they're similar physically they'll have different games. Furthermore, the best players are unique, and that's one of aspects of what makes them great. A Lebron type player will not come around again for awhile (if at all) because, well, it took Lebron nearly 50 years to come around, the odds aren't great that the next Lebron will come again anytime soon.

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the next latrell sprewell?

the next latrell sprewell? who cares

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Clearly most of these legends and superstars are all some of the greatest players of all time and youll never get most people to agree with you on comparisons with most of them. So it is safe to say youll never see a player comparable to Jordan, Kobe, Wilt, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Hakeem, Shaq.

But with some of the lower tier stars, its easier to make the comparisons, but even these Im guessing not everyone will agree.

Shawn Kemp : Blake Griffin

Tim Hardaway : Ty Lawson

Latrell Sprewell : Monta Ellis

Steve Francis : Russell Westbrook

Dominique Wilkins : Vince Carter

Just a few to get the ball rolling. Id love to see if anyone else makes comparisons of the players mentioned by the OP

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at the end I misread DJ ! I

at the end I misread DJ !

I thought you were looking for the next DJ MBenga...

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cancel out the mj thing deshawn stevenson already had that comparison in this site hahaha kidding

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Too many people are searching for the next______. Which is why i believe we will be disappointed if Anthony Davis is anything less than Kevin Garnett even if he has a good career

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If he works hard, it is

If he works hard, it is possibly that he could surpass Garnett in some ways. They may be hard to do but I think he will take the challenge. He is already going to a better team than Garnett had if he does not have any point guard controversy, he has a chance to say with the same thing and go far in the playoffs. New Orleans has a lot of young talent. They have picked up some hustle guys who can play. Xavier Henry could start showing why he was drafted high after having 2 subpar years. Aminu can show the talent he showed early on in LA.

They can resign Gordon






They could even resign Kaman but I doubt it, they could just add Meyers who could be a better player at Center down the road.

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