When will they announce when the NBA Finals are next year?

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When will they announce when the NBA Finals are next year?

I'll probably skip the season and wait for us to hoist another trophy. - Miami Heat Repeat, it rhymes!

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I hate bandwagon fans :)

I hate bandwagon fans :)

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I hate player fans, like this

I hate player fans, like this kid who was probably not a Heat fan until Lebron came over.

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so arrogant...Heat repeat is

so arrogant...Heat repeat is far from a forgone conclusion. OKC will come back strong next year as well as Boston, Chicago, LA, San Antonio and even Brooklyn. Stop with the dumb, ignorant predictions. You should get negged just for the question, "When will they announce when the NBA finals are next year?" It's the same time each season you moron.

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talking about bandwagon, this

talking about bandwagon, this fool has a thread called "Bandwagon Fans" and it goes like this...

"Wow....all i gotta say is true fans's all the orlando fans?....all of a sudden we got a whole lot more laker's all the bottom feeding teams fans at? your team a fan of a star but always remember who your team is... with that said...Sacramento Kings""


all of a sudden he's not a kings fan and refers to the heat as "us"... lol... what a joker.

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