When will GM's learn? Everyone get's screwed when dealing with The Lakers...

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When will GM's learn? Everyone get's screwed when dealing with The Lakers...

History will tell us, when the Laker's GM calls you with a Trade Offer HANG UP THE PHONE...

So many Team's have been royally screwed when making trades with the Lakers that I'm shocked Owners allow their GM to amswer their calls...

Some trades have been horribly lopsided to the point you'd think the other GM involved has a gun to his Head...

Just this Summer

The Magic trade Dwight Howard and Got No Laker's in return, in fact the 76ers seemingly did most of the heavy lifting, The Magic got C Nik Vucevic, F Maurice Harkless and a 1st round pick from Philadelphia, The Sixers got back an oft Injured C Andrew Bynum who just hurt himself bowling...The Nuggets chiped in Aaron Affalo and got All Star F Andre Iguadola, The Lakers made out like bandits once again and got the best Center in the NBA...

The Phoenix Suns accept a Sign and Trade offer from their bitter rivals and give up 2 Time MVP Steve Nash, what did they get in return, that magical Bag of Peanuts of course...

People seem to forget about the Pau Gasol trade, where the Lakers traded away a Fatter lesser Known Marc Gasol, Javaris Crittendon and a retired Aaron Mckie(who had to be signed to a 10 day contract to allow the deal to go through) Bottom line the Lakers win 2 Championships and the Grizzlies have scraped their way to respectability, Mckie never played a game, Crittendon is out the league, and Marc is still the less talented of the 2 Gasol's

Without delving farther into this apparent trend, the Lakers trade away aging/useless players all the Time, Kobe, Magic and Kareem are just the biggest examples...

So when will GM's learn the Laker's are the Godfather's of the NBA making you an offer you can't refuse...

The only person to step up and say no to a Laker's screw job got critisized for doing so, thank you again David Stern

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything except the fact that you said Marc is less talented to Pau. I think Marc may now be equal if not better than Pau, he's also been more consistent the last 2 years and actually produces in the playoffs

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Mark is better then Pau now.

Mark is better then Pau now.

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Yes, and soon they will trade

Yes, and soon they will trade Pau, just Pau no picks, for Josh Smith, Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague. Aren't you ready?

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you aren't giving Mitch

you aren't giving Mitch Kupchak any credit, he is an absolute magician for being able to rob opposing GM's like he does

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Kupchak learned from the

Kupchak learned from the best, Jerry West made an art form out of fleecing opposing GM's.

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Marc had yet played a game in

Marc had yet played a game in the NBA and was an unproven prospect at that point.

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Jim Buss might Ruin the

Jim Buss might Ruin the Lakers Reputation for making Incredibly Smart Moves.....

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