When was the first time you dunked a ball?

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You don't have to be a freak

You don't have to be a freak to throw it down at 13 14 or 15 even if your under 6 foot. Lets say your 14 and your 5'10, If you have an average reach with nice size hands then your standing reach will probably be 7'10 or something close to it. If your wingspan is long then you may have an eight foot standing reach. But I'll stick with the 7'10 one. Now to touch the rim you only need 26 inches off the floor so if you dunk it your around 29 or 30 inches. No one ever said they did reverse double pump dunks. We are talking basic dunks. Jumping 30 inches is a nice vert at a young age but if you look around right now there are many young kids with 30 inch verts. Now a freak on the other hand would be at the 36 mark or better. But dunking at under 6 feet at a young age is very believable if you ask me.

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I was 17 I was and am 5'7"

I was 17 I was and am 5'7" about 155lbs. It was in the basketball gym at HS. I was playing basketball for the school. So I was in good shape. If I had to estimate my running jump off one foot it was probably about 38. My standing reach is at max 7'5. I had been trying to dunk the whole season. Everyone was dunking after practice. I had a guy toss me a ball right in front of the rim because I couldn't palm the ball. It wasn't a clean dunk as it rattled in the rim a few times but never popped out and went through. Now I can grab the rim on a good day as I'm 190 pounds and not been playing as much. Haha.

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This brings me back. I was 12

This brings me back. I was 12 the first time I dunked (two months shy of turning 13). It was 17 years ago. It was in a pick up game with some of my school mates at this alternate school I went to briefly (we had all been kicked out of public school). I was about 5'7 at the time and it was a one handed dunk. The dunk was a result from a steal I had made just moments earlier. No one seemed too impressed by it. Our games were pretty rough (prison rules). One of the guys I usually teamed with did give some props though. He was a real high flyer too. For the most part dunking was frowned on. A lot of times once your feet left the ground, you may not have ended up landing on them because someone would've pushed you into the wall.

This was the first and last time I dunked. Less than two months later I was hit by a car. The accident could have been worse considering the speed the car was traveling (40 mph), but luckily I was able to walk away (literally walk). The accident did mess up my knees and back some. A couple years later I did get back into athletics (Tae Kwon Do) and I trained for 3 years under 2 grandmasters and 3 masters. But again, my body quit on me during year three. I did try dunking a few years ago. I hit the backboard but sprained my ankle on the landing. Since then I haven't tried dunking or jumping.

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Who or what motivated you to

Who or what motivated you to dunk?-- People used to ask me if I can dunk and I said no... so eventually I got more motivated to try and dunk.. at least I was being honest lol

How old were you? I was 18 in the summer that I dunked for the first time which was in July or August... now im 20

How tall were you? 6'2''... ive been 6'2'' since I was 15

Estimated Vert? 26-28 inches... basically tony parker hops lol

Where were you when you dunked?-- Well my first "dunk" was at this playground... but it wasn't a full ten... it was around an inch off... but I later dunked at Lifetime a day before my first day of college

What type of dunk did you do?-- I came from the three point line took some dribbles... went up with one hand... and had me a dunk

What was your reaction?-- I wasn't excited at all...I was just having fun.. I felt good going up so I expected to dunk the ball...

What was the reaction of others who seen you?-- My best friend was with me and we were running 5's with some others... but no one was really shocked or excited... it was a basic dunk that 99.99% of nba players can do

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i was 16

I was 6ft white kid, started hanging out with this kid we played ball all day he could dunk , so I wanted to learn he was showing me how to strengthen my legs and how to jump and where to I could barely get the ball in but could grab the rim one day at pick up game I went on a fast break and shattered my right ankle out for 3 months but being on crutches help get my jumping leg strong and I recovered kept at it got to where I could grab the rim at a vertical.... My best moment was at the YMCA I went to the rack on this 6"8 kid and posterized him

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Who or what motivated you to

Who or what motivated you to dunk? - I don't even get why this is a question. If you like to play basketball it seems like something you'd want to do.

How old were you? - 13 or 14

How tall were you? - 5'6" or 5'7"

Estimated Vert? - Can't be that high. Maybe a couple feet.

Where were you when you dunked? - Longfellow Elementary School

What type of dunk did you do? - Two handed, so I could lift myself up and scream like a moron.

What was your reaction? - Felt good, like I was an NBA type player.

What was the reaction of others who seen you? - Think my friend said nice and dunked on me next.

Oh, did I mention it was an 8 foot high rim.

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Im a late bloomer so it

Im a late bloomer so it wasn't until I was 22 this past year. It was two handed but man it felt great. Im in the navy and I joined in 2010 after high school and was only 140 pounds but time in the weight room really has paid off. Now im about 6'1 and 185 but legs have gotten a lot stronger as well.

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13 6'5 in 8th grade

I can barley dunk, I've never dunked in my life maybe on the small hoops in elementary. All my friends push me to be the best and dunk even all my family members. My goal is to dunk by July or August so I can prove who i really am

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