When was the best game you've played

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When was the best game you've played

I'm sure everyone's had that game where it seems like you can do nothing wrong. Whos got theirs to share?

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My best game was probably a

My best game was probably a pick-up game. Note: I am typically a 3rd option (sometimes 2nd or 4th but rarely 1st or 5th) on offense and that's why I consider this the best game I've played.

Pick up game. 5v5 in a gym. We lost that game 35-27 going by 1's and 2's. I scored 23 of the points while only missing about 3 or 4 shots. Added about 5 steals with 7 or 8 rebounds and two assists. I also went 4-4 from deep. I was just on fire and I shut down their best player (who only scored 4 points and shot terribly). I don't know what came over me, I was hitting fade-aways, turnarounds, floaters, step-backs. Everything. I blocked their best player's lay-up attempts 3 times on fastbreaks with chase-downs. It felt like I could do no wrong. We did lose the game because the rest of my team shot horribly. I mean they missed open jump-shots, got blocked on lay-ups, and our defense wasn't great.

I also had a near-triple double in 7th grade. I was playing for my middle-school and recorded 8 points, 7 steals, and 9 assists. I still remember that game because it was the closest I had ever been to a triple-double and the fact that it wasn't a pick-up game. It was actually sort-of official (middle school-wise). They even mentioned my name on the intercom in the morning bulletin the following Monday.

What's your best game?

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38 on a sprained ankle, 6

38 on a sprained ankle, 6 threes, I was terrible defensively and rebounding wise because I couldn't move laterally(And my already pathetic vertical leap was even worse, when I told coach that I had a sprained ankle, he said, "So, you don't jump anyways" lol), and the non-threes were all midrange jumpshots off pumpfakes. And the last shot was a desperation 3 falling off one leg out of bounds and it went in off the high glass. It was one of those heat check shots when you know it's falling

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I won a game of 21 when I was

I won a game of 21 when I was in 8th grade against Daymond Jackson and NBA legend Laron Profit

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The best game i've played

The best game i've played kinda came out of no where. I was in a team that was just starting up, a lot of us not having played for years. I scored 30, with 16 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 steals and 8 blocks. Admittedly the team we were playing weren't great but it was still the best all round game I've played. It was probably the most memorable for me because it was the first time I've dunked in a game. Their defense was lousy so we were just scoring of drives and fast breaks.

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Tough call. I went for 25

Tough call.

I went for 25 and 22 against a front line that was way bigge than me, but another small school.

In the state tournament my senior year we faced an inner city school with a front line of 6-5, 6-5, 6-4. They have rip the rim off size and athleticism, and went for 16 and 15 playing the full 32 minutes. Completely exhausted after as it was an up and down game. That team went on to lose to the best team in the state 92-88 in 2OT.

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Once in HS I had 38 points

Once in HS I had 38 points against the top team in our division with 6 assist,4 rebs and 0 turnovers and I missed only 2 shots.

I had another game in HS where I had 23 pts in the first half and finished with 36 in the game, and had a monster dunk through the lane,crowd went crazy.

At my JUCO last year I had 30 pts in only 14 mins played and made I think 6 threes? And i'm not even a 3pt threat like that lol

And last week in a rec league game(Sat college ball out this year) I had 45 points and 29 at halftime against 3 D1 players, and my team won 97-63 and they stopped the game with 2 mins left lol

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Halfcourt pickup game of 3 on

Halfcourt pickup game of 3 on 3 I jokingly said lets play to 100 but they were down so we did.. By 2s and 3s thankfully lol anyway I hit 13 threes. My team won by like 30 too idk any other stats I was too zoned in lol only missed a few of them

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i was playing and i was the

i was playing and i was the tallest person at 6'3" and the tallest on the other team was only 5'11" , i cant shoot but i got 16 points off layupps and putbacks but i had 24 rebounds , 4 assists , 2 steals , and 5 blocks ,

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county league game my senior

county league game my senior year of high shool. I had like 21 points on 5-6 threes. The game didn't count because not enough players showed up on the other team, so we basically scrimmaged My dad refereed the game and he was horrible. I would drive the land and get mugged and he'd shout, "play on!!!"

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Once I had 27 points, all

Once I had 27 points, all coming from 3

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I had 8 thress in one game my

I had 8 thress in one game my grade ten year against the top team and ended up with 38 pts and we still lost, but i only missed like 2 shots and the guy gaurding me or who tried was a pretty freak athlete so thats why i consider it my best game

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I beat my older brother in

I beat my older brother in crate ball in the alley 15-14 when I was 12. The garbage truck that was coming through the alley set a mean pick on my brother so I was wide open to take the game winner.

Seriously though, I'm not that good at basketball.

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The closest thing I played to

The closest thing I played to organised basketball was a tournament during a summer camp and I really sucked.

But my best game was a pick up game this winter, we played 5 on 5, with everybody being around 25 y.o. and me being 17, I hit three midrange shots, one open baby hook, got around 6 rebounds and blocked a three point attempt by the other team's best player. We lost and I wasn't too good, but it's still my best game in something semi-serious

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Rec league championship. Age

Rec league championship. Age 11. Already had 33 with 3 seconds left when I put up a 3 to put us up by 2 to win, only for it to rim out. Luckily I got hit on the arm and went to the line. Made the first one, missed the second one, and with the game tied I drain the third one. After that game I thought I was league bound, only to severely break the Novicular bone in my right foot during AAU try outs. I ain't been the same since! Still 6'5 with a mean 3 but now at the age of 25 I'm content with my career

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If all of these are true, I

If all of these are true, I think I will pass. Lol. You guys are some ballers. I don't really keep stats other than points but I can give you an idea of my best games. Most points I've ever scored in a real game is 17 in a decently competitive league that I am currently in. It was actually Thursday night that I did this. In the same league I almost had a triple double. I had 10 points with 7 or 8 assists and rebounds. My best HS game was 16, 6, 3 & 4 steals.

I'm a 5 foot 8 inch combo guard, just for reference sake. It has never been easy scoring.

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My best game in grade school

My best game in grade school was 25 and 10 as pg

My best game in HS was 25,5,5 as sg we lost in finals that year. I stopped playing after 2nd year when we moved away and use to bus back and forth 2 school 2hrs each way.

I have all around game from having started as pg to sg and sf. Played with a lot of good players even steve nash once though i don't remember it well my buddies always make fun of me for not remembering.a lot of friends went on to D1 scholarships and played in europe. They bust my balls for giving it up in school but that water under the bridge.

Lots of good pick up game.I talk a lot of trash and when guys go back I play better. I still play once a week but I am fat and old now lol. So good games are few far between but still talk trash like a youngster.

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