When LeBron retires even the haters will be raving about him!

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When LeBron retires even the haters will be raving about him!

This guy is truly unbelievable. The athleticism for his size. His BBIQ. His passing ability. His shooting ability. Hi rebounding ability. Amazing.

I don't see how any real basketball fan can't admire LeBron for the performances he continues to put up game after game.

He's done it all and silenced his critics. Game winning clutch shots, directing come from behind victories, ungodly stats, 27 game winning streak, 4 MVPs, and he's now collecting rings.

When LeBron retires 50% of people will say he's the GOAT and the other 50% will say Jordan.

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He has one ring right now,

He has one ring right now, lets wait until he get a second before we call him a collector. The Pacers are legit. One thing people definitely rav about now and when he retires is for sure he is one of the greatest athletes ever.

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it's called respect

it's called respect

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Oh i will admit it, I'm not a

Oh i will admit it, I'm not a Lebron fan, but he is the best athlete of all time

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key word best athlete and one

key word best athlete and one of the best basketball players ever He will be a top 5 all time NBA player when he retires with Jordan, Russell, and and you could argue 3 or 4 guys for the last 2 spots but that isnt the point. he may not be better than jordan but he is in jordans class as a basketball player.

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Does Lebron even have haters

Does Lebron even have haters anymore? He's not my favorite player, and there are those who like him less than I, but it's understood he's an all-time great and the best in the NBA for the past 5 years or so.

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Hater is a stupid word.

There are people that insist he is arrogant & egotistical to the point of being unlikeable.

I suspect a lot of those same people would be as bad if not worse if they had done all the things he's done, were 'the best player in the world' and had it mentioned so many times.

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he traveled. they should have lost the game. paul george need to call bryon russell and commiserate.
shades of crab dribble. this is why most of the country doesn't care about the nba. i would love to see what lebron could do if they wouldn't foul him all the time, and i say that a lot but damn refs enforce the rules of the game.

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lebrons Legacy

He should be considered the sf version of shaq.

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If LeBron wins a title this

If LeBron wins a title this year I would compare that to Jordan in 1992 (where he killed the Blazers on the way to back to back titles) or 1993 Jordan where he comes back from that transcendent Dream Team and has another great season with a title at the end of it where some of the older guys had slipped a bit but still had enough in the tank to get it done.

LeBron is really on pace with Jordan. Jordan had two titles after 8 seasons. LeBron is in his tenth and could get his second title. Jordan had 3 rings in 9 nine seasons but basically took off two years after that.

If Jordan had not have come back, he would have been one of the best ever with seven scoring titles, a threat peat and a few MVP awards in nine season. LeBron is approaching that now.

What made Jordan the best by far was his Comeback. His second act. Without that incredible second act, LeBron would be very very close to Mike.

Those last three years in Chicago really put him over the top. Pippen stayed on that team. Phil was still coaching but the rest of the team was reconfigured. That might be possible with the Heat in Miami. I can see LeBron and Wade plus Bosh hanging in there and just putting new pieces around those guys. Or, they trade Bosh.

With back to back titles, I think LeBron will pass Bird. Bird had three rings but he never went back to back and only had two Finals MVP awards.

I would even put LeBron ahead of Kareem who won six rings but only one as the undisputed "Man". Kareem had two Finals MVP awards which LeBron can tie this year. LeBron still trails KAJ's six MVP trophies, but LeBron has won 4 of them in five years. Russell did that, not Kareem.

So my top five is Jordan (GOAT), Wilt (jaw dropping stats and was on two of the best teams ever), Magic (five rings, MVP trophies, broke Oscar's assist record back in the day, best point guard ever), and Bill Russell (11 rings, awesome defense, great winner who could dunk but didn't go for flashy stats like Wilt), and LeBron (best forward ever. Along with MJ and Wilt the three greatest basketball freaks of all time).

What would it take for LeBron to pass Jordan?

For James to pass MJ I think he would need at least a 3 peat. 4 in a row would be something that hasn't been done since the Bill Russell era. That would do it. A fifth MVP trophy which would tie Jordan. A DPOY award which I think LeBron should have gotten this year. The MVP and DPOY awards are kind of political so I wouldn't count on LeBron breaking Kareem's MVP record even if he is the best player for the next 5 or 6 years. I think the voters will get tired of giving it to him and give it to someone else some of those years. Jordan probably should have had 6 or 7 anyway. The scary part is that LeBron can do all this by 2016. He could top off all those accomplishments with another gold medal in Rio which should feature an incredible team.

I think those accomplishments would put him ahead of Mike. I don't think LeBron needs 6 or 7 rings, IF he can get four in a row. I think LeBron has between 4 and 5 years left in his prime. But, after that, I think he can adjust as a pick and roll power forward kind of like what Karl Malone was. I can see LeBron putting up 22, 7, and 5 into his early forties.

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