When its all said and done, who will have a better career, Griffin or Rubio?

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When its all said and done, who will have a better career, Griffin or Rubio?

I say Rubio in terms of winning championships for his team more than b-griff. therefore rubio

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Tough call

I have to give it to Griffin though because Griffin is a beast and still learning skill wise. Rubio has already had a high skill set but lack Griffin's athleticism. I believe Rubio will be a great player but still it take more than one player and too be honest the NBA is hurting more on big men than pg's. There are a lot of quality point guards out there. It is just you have 3 on one team and one on the other or maybe someone like Jamaal Tinsley who is not even play but would be a solid starting point for many teams.

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hmmmm....great question

I seen the griff heard and seen rubio in olympics.....clear cut GRIFFIN...the reason I say that cuz he has been goin against the top players in the country that are not in the nba same could be said for rubio but in europe its more finnese and soft. in my opinion rubio doesn't have the physicallness if that's a word to play against the chirs pauls deron rose or athleticism the thing u noticed with the top tier pg is their supreme athletic ability ill take the two undisputed best pgs of the past 7 years nash and kidd...both wernt great jumpers per say but their dept quicknes and agility and footwork is remarkable and as for the best 2 pgs of the past 2 years deron and cp3 they have that plus tremendous athleticism to boot. yes rubio might be a good nba player but to put him in a class of top points im not willing to do...but griffin the sky is the limit any possible athletic feat or skill set there is he already has or will have it I in 2 yeats 3 years max he will be the next top dawg......WORD

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Rubio's younger, Griffin will take more punishment at the PF and over ten years it's going to eventually wear on him. Rubio avgs. nearly 10 pts 7 assist in 21 minutes over there, that's amazing. Griffin going to see a lot of bigger bodies and won't be able to overpower folks so easily it'll be an adjustment while Rubio has played at the pro level over there and in the Olympics. Depending on playing time I see Rubio making more of an impact immediately but eventually Griffin will have some all star caliber years as well. People compare Griffin to Boozer he reminds me more of Webber, I see his career going that way as well. The great PG in this league have a longer career span than the great PF's, I think. Rubio might very well break Stockton's assist record.

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Clearly Rubio, I'm against

Clearly Rubio, I'm against most European born players, but he's definitely and exception. I think He's well worth taking number one over all. Building your team around a point guard over a power forward is the way to go.

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Really good question

I would say Rubio's upside is greater as a game changer, but Griffin is probably a little safer of a choice. I personally have no idea, but would lean toward Griffin just because its the safe pick!

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Rubio break Stocktons

Rubio break Stocktons record????? Not before Chris Paul does it first.... People are starting to overrate Rubio (the great ***** hope) I have only seen him play in the Olympics but thats not the NBA (see: Patty Mills aganist the US) In the NBA teams game plan aganist you and take away your strenghts, I think Rubio should stay overseas and get a little stronger. Few Europeans come over to America and dominant. There is a reason that college players who cant cut it in the States (professionally) go overseas to play pro ball. I think Griffin will have a better career (his strenght and athleticism will translate to the NBA) conventional wisdom always take a big first.

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Honestly, I think the

Honestly, I think the foreign players have gotten a bad rap ... there are actually quite a few of them in the league that can play, I think people just easily forget that they are foreign born. However, there hasn't really been a foreign-born superstar in recent years, and that probably leads to them getting a bad rap from some.

Anyway, I like both players' game a ton, they both have a tremendous amount of upside. Rubio is far from a polished product, whoever said that is way off base. His offensive game at this point is driving the ball to the basket and making a play. He has improved his outside shot this season despite playing with a broken shooting hand, which shows me that he has the ability and desire to improve. Griffin is more of the same, just in a different way. Far from a finished product.

I disagree with the assumption that Griffin's play in college basketball is superior to Rubio's play in Europe because college basketball is a superior brand of basketball ... I think it is quite the opposite actually. Rubio is playing in Europe's No. 1 league against grown men, some of whom played in the NBA. College basketball is very watered down, especially in the frontcourt.

Brandon Jennings, who played in an inferior league to the one that Rubio played in, struggled this season and is a year older than Rubio. I don't know anyone who would claim he would have had the same struggles if he had played college ball this season.

I think Rubio has tremendous success early if he goes to a team that runs the floor. He probably isn't strong, or skilled enough at this point, to have the same kind of impact in the halfcourt offense. However, his defense is actually an attribute. He has the ability to defend in the NBA, something that really hinders a lot of foreign-born players. You can't find a scouting report on Rubio that says he lacks the ability to defend at a high level. Quite the opposite actually.

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