When is the draft lottery?

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When is the draft lottery?

When is the draft lottery? It feels like it should be soon...

I think that will answer a lot of questions regarding mock drafts and things. I might not do a mock draft until the lottery is announced.

Should be must see tv. If anyone other than Michael Jordan is there for the Bobcats I will be pissed. Just for the chance that when the announce the fourth pick the Bobcats logo will show up. The look on MJ's face at that point should be priceless. I also want to see a split screen of Anthony Davis and the lotto teams. For teams who move up and especially when it gets down to the final 2.

It would be cool to see who he is favoring. At this point I am not sure where he wants to go, but it seems like people here want him to go to the New Orleans Hornets or perhaps the Sacramento Kings. The Wizards would be a good landing spot too. He would fit in well with Nene and Vesely on the front line with John Wall running the show. That might be the most intriguing fit for him.

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May 30.

May 30.

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My last day of school , got

My last day of school , got half a day hopefully it is not before 12

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NBA 2012 Draft Lottery

NBA 2012 Draft Lottery in Disney/ABC's Times Square Studio on Wed, May 30 at 8:00pm EDT.

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I miss last days of school

I miss last days of school

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Such irony being a forum poster on this

website and not knowing the dates for the lottery.

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hornets or nets getting the no 1 for sure

in what everyone knows is a rigged lotto i cant decide if stern gives davis too the newly bought hornets too the moving in too the big new arena nets and yes i love mj but i know the bobcats are getting the 4th pick which mj will prolly take barnes

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If the Bobcats get #1 pick,

You guys know if this is gonna be on ESPN? In NZ we don't get ABC etc.

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^ It's usually at half-time

^ It's usually at half-time of one of the playoff games going on.

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Always on ESPN in NZ. But on the 31st may over here.

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Love watching the draft

Love watching the draft lottery, I hope Jordan makes the journey himself to be their mascot.

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im curious if anybody has

im curious if anybody has guesses on how it will turn out? no basis what soever, just a shot in the dark for fun kind of thing. i was wondering it could turn out something like...

14. Houston

13. Phoenix

12. Milwaukee

11. Portland

10. New Orleans

9. Detroit

8. Utah

7. Sacramento

6. Cleveland

5. Washington

4. Charlote

3. Toronto

2. New Jersey

1. New Orleans

this scenario would cause the bottom 3 teams to miss out on the top 3 picks in the draft. also takes out away my warriors' lotto pick. if it ended up this way, i'd expect the first 7 picks to go: Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, MKG, Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson and Perry Jones III. what do you think the scenario would be?

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