When boredom strikes

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When boredom strikes

I'm pretty bored so let's try a little something. State your fav college team, projected starting line up for this upcoming season, and what each player must do to make the team successful. Even throw in your projected stat line to spice it up.


T. Jones Fr. Be the PG. Get guys involved, make simple play, contain dribble penetration. Play smart. Pick and roll with Jahlil should be unstoppable. 11.5ppg 2.7rpg 6.1 apg

Sulaimon Jr. Come back weighing no less than 200 lbs. Added strength will help with driving ability. Work on handle and jumpshot to gain consistency. Be #1 scoring option on perimeter. Mix it up offensively (all 3 levels). Play consistent defense. 16.2ppg 3.4rpg 3.3apg

Winslow Fr. Be the lock down defender. Focus solely on defense, hustle plays and being the "glue guy". Take your scoring opportunities as they come, but don't force. Think Shane Battier or MKG. 9.1ppg 4.9rpg 2.2apg

Jefferson Jr. Come back with a little more muscle. 225-230 would be a solid weight. Work on mid range jumper to space floor. Play with energy and hustle. Especially on the boards. Most importantly, play with confidence. Don't be afraid to take your opportunities. Think Lance Thomas but with better offense. 6.8ppg 7.3rpg 0.5apg

Okafor Fr. Be the beast down low. Dominate. Grab every rebound. Play big on defense. Even if you don't block shots, alter them. Demand the ball. Put the team on your back when necessary. 17.6ppg 10.2rpg 1.2apg 1.5blk

*Cook Sr. Accept role as 6th man, but will get close to starter minutes. Be the leader of a younger second unit. Bring energy and more importantly experience off bench. Mentor Tyus. 10.9ppg 3rpg 4.3apg

If they do this and Coach K doesn't shorten up the rotation like he usually does, I see this Duke team making a serious run.

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