What's your best aspect of your game?

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What's your best aspect of your game?

Mine is shooting and rebounding....
any time i tell someone im a center they always r suprised cuz i shoot pretty damn well, AND TO MY HIGHSCHOOL COACH AND PEOPLE ON THE TEAM.... IM NOT A &$#%#[email protected]! CENTER!!!!

but anyway, whats your guys best part(s) of you game

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Offensive rebounding, my

Offensive rebounding, my defencive rebounding was ok but we were always traping and playing crazy zones but I did ok.

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Pick and Roll ability on

Pick and Roll ability on offense ( I could shoot the jumper and pass out of it )

My defensive rebounding

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my handles and my three

my handles and my three

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go serbia

go serbia

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My handles, court vision, and

My handles, court vision, and rebounding skills for my position (I'm a 6' 3" PG)

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Handles,mid-range game,ability to drive,rebounding.

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On ball defense and hustle.

On ball defense, off ball defense, help side defense, and hustle.

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My adam-morrison floppy hair

My adam-morrison floppy hair has carried my team on several occasions...

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my ability to keep the bench

my ability to keep the bench warm for players that were better than me

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I'm a leader on the court.

I'm a leader on the court. And I'm quick and a nice shooter.

Think Luke Ridnour lol

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My passing, court vision and

My passing, court vision and an allaround scorer (6'4 g/f)

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Attacking the basket,

Attacking the basket, offensive rebounding, help defense and hustling

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my streaky shooting and

my streaky shooting and ability to run the floor, even tho most of the time I would be the biggest guy on the court, but I can always out run and over power other ppl to get to the basket on the break.

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court vision & passing

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My outside shooting. My

My outside shooting. My ability to score with my back-to-the-basket is a distant second.

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attacking the rim and

attacking the rim and bringing a winning yet sometimes overbearing attitude (i have gotten in numerous fist fights during pickup ball lol)

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My court vision,3 point shot

My court vision,3 point shot and handles. my defense is horrible though

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yupyup "My ability to finish,

yupyup "My ability to finish, I am the master of the trick shot...think you have a block? Nope sorry, I fling shots in the most awkward angles in positions people would never dare to shoot near the rim. I thought it was all luck but they always go in and I've practiced shots people never see. Filming soming of my layups would be a pretty sick highlight reel. That doesn't mean i'm better then anyone else on this site, but I am a beast finishing at the rim ni any way I have to."

Me "Sportsmanship...?"

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My strenght was Defense, I

My strenght was Defense, I used to play that Shane Battier type of defense full court and I had some hops for a lil guy too.
Pretty good on guys who had sick drives, handles and crossovers and some of them played on college teams.
Unfortunately the lack of size both vertical, horizontal, handles and other skills kept me from making the pros.
Back then at 19 or 20 probly like 5'9" 145 lbs.

My weakness was I didn't have good ball handling or passing skills.
I blame the size on genetics and bad hands on lack of practice on the court too busy playing baseball for some reason.

I wasn't a good finisher and hitting shots close to the rim I wasn't good at. Obviously at that size not really looking to get knocked down by guys well over 200 but the mid range jumper was good when I had some practice. I had odd mechanics just a bad habbit of needing to shoot with 2 hands or else the ball would go off to the side and elbows out a lil not as awkward as Mutumbo but obviously not smooth like Ray Allen.
My fallaway jump shot was good though I hated when ppl used to hack me on the arm when I shot it though.
For some reason I just faded away on elbow jumpers till some one helped me with my jumper they helped me add some arc to the shot and shoot when reaching the peak of elevatin. Too much watching Patrick Ewing made me want to take fade aways. It was sweet to hit them in a guys face who was over 6 feet tall. Since i'm not the most athletic guy they didn't expect me to have hops.

Also I knew a guy who enterted free throw contests he used to hit them easily I'd say around 85%.
He wasn't even a high school basketball player so I often wonder if he was so good at them why couldn't guys who have to hit ft's for a living up to at least 80%. Like Walt Clyde Frasier says basketball is a simple game but guys seem to be too stupid to learn it.

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This post

Haha you guys went in on this post! I believe im a good passer, tell me you other pg's dont love to hear " good pass" from a teamate, i try n keep the dimes comin!

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Four things Passing, from

Four things

Passing, from both the high and low post. Shot Blocking, Rebounding and Jump shooting. I started out as a guard and grew to 6'4, which means on the street I had to play Center which sharpened up my post skills a little.

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mine is

i'm only 5'11'' short armed, not that quick, and white. but i'm stocky and have good basketball iq

My low post offense is really good for my size. I'm 220 now five years after high school but was 180 in high school. i can score on bigger and taller defenders who can jump. I just turn to one side and throw up a baby hook mixed with nasty pump fakes.

my one pump fake gets defenders who want to block shots the first time they see it every time. you can bank on it. a little up and under works real well.

and my passing ability. i have hit guys full stride down the court with my back turned throwing the ball under hand over my head no look besides a glance to see they have a step on there man

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shooting passing dribbling

shooting passing dribbling everything else i dont do very well

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My shooting. If I get an open

My shooting. If I get an open look, there's not too many times I miss.

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My bounce pass, if you've

My bounce pass, if you've ever seen some Steve Nash highlights, I always try to do passes like those and i've actually gotten pretty good(I can pass thru people's legs now lol), also, I have a spin move that i stole from lebron that i basically pull from a standstill. I'm a PG, and I can't shoot jumpers so i pretty much have tought myself a perfect pump fake.
But the best part of my game, is my ability to finish around the hoop with both hands and in any way. I do reverse left hand lay-ups all the time because no one expects it.

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i can tell who sory and who is good by the comments. anyone who says "on ball defense" is sorry haha. nobody says on ball defense. jus say defense bruh dam. an dif u say hustle and that sit ur also sorry. my handle and my jumper is the best part of my game.

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