What's your 2009 mockDraft nº1?

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What's your 2009 mockDraft nº1?

My 2009 / 2010 / 2011 nº1:

Who's yours?

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1 blake. g 2 demario d . 3

1 blake. g 2 demario d . 3 stephean curry

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From whatI've seen, what makes him better than Brandon Jennings. Jennings has a much better offensive game than Rubio, better athlete, and just as good of a passer. That kid is hype and could be another guard version of Darko. A European who can't even shoot!

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Darko Milicic never proved himself in the europe, he played in b-leagues and came off the bench. He was drafted off his limitless potential, in which he has not shown or ever will show in the league. Rubio is starter, and plays for one of the best teams in ACD league, and I guarantee you'll find a couple people in the NBA who's played their. He's not great shooter but that's the only major weakness in this game ( tony parker wasn't a good shooter either when he came into league at 19). Lastly, he's not coming out till 2010 (contract) so Brandon Jennings will be the top point guard in 2009 draft.

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brandon jennings

he's quick can shoot can crossover and he can do crazy dunks

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Teammates Malik Hairston and Maarty Luenen unexpectedly heard their names called but Taylor didn’t.
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Siirler Hikayeler Fikralar Programlar Guzel Sozler Resimler freetemplates Taylor was arguably Oregon’s best player last season, but his 6-foot-4 frame makes him a undersized at the next level. Nonetheless, his scoring ability, length and athleticism give him a chance to make in in the league.

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