What's the word on Jennings?

Anything on him yet?

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I don't think so. But I would

I don't think so. But I would love to see him in a Rockets uniform! Him, Harden, and Howard will be an awesome lineup for years to come. Only if we can sign him for cheap.

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they would be talented but

they would be talented but both harden and jennings love to shoot the ball and may not be a good pair in my opinion.

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Last I heard, he and his

Last I heard, he and his agent were asking for 12 mill a yr. I then heard faint cackling in the distance as the Bucks' brass drew up an offer sheet for Jeff Teague.

He should look to play on the QO this year or take a 1 yr contract so he can get shut down again next yr in free agency after he shoots ~40% again and makes delusional demands.

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I really can't find a

I really can't find a realistic destination for 11-12 million a year but Jeremy Lin did get 25 of 3 years which is crazy....the kings maybe?

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Teague signed a 4 year $32mil

Teague signed a 4 year $32mil offer sheet with Milwaukee yesterday so the Bucks will wait 3 days to see if Atlanta matches before they make a decision on Jennings... If Atlanta does not match the offer by Milwaukee for Teague then I think !ilwaukee will look to try and do a sign and trade with Jennings... I heard around draft time the Bucks had talked to the Pacers about a possible Jennings for Granger deal... I would love to see a Teague, Mayo, Granger, Ilyasova, and Sanders lineup next year...

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The Jeremy Lin deal has

The Jeremy Lin deal has doomed all PG signings...

Im actually a big fan of Brandon Jennings game...the problem is, the point guard position is almost a dime a dozen now with the rule changes.

I hope he goes to ATL.

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Hope he goes home to Lakers

Hope he goes home to Lakers

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him in LA

Would be like the Nick Van Exel 2.0. Might not be bad as Nash seems to be on his last legs l;iterally. Cant see it happening though

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