WhatS up with these gms draft plan.

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WhatS up with these gms draft plan.

Thus years draft had to have had some of the most questionable picks i have ever seen. First theres the cavs drafting players at same position as their best players then the twolves pcking williams with kanter still on board there biggest need was center and two guard an experienced gm would have traded the pick for future first round along with another pick in this years first round and picked up burks or brooks. Basically minnesota did what 76ers did last year picking evan turner when they had igoudala and now turner looks bad because he had to play out of position and didnt get play time he needed. Gms are tryna follow okc method but forget okc traded ray allen and rashard lewis to make room from him.

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Well I heard that the Wizards

Well I heard that the Wizards tried to trade up with the T-Wolves, and the Wizards were going to receive #2, while the T-Wolves would've received #6+#18+2012 1st. That would have been a great deal for the T-Wolves, but the Wizards didn't want to do it.

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