whats taking so long?

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whats taking so long?

i cant help but wonder whats taking andrew wiggins so long to pick a school. now this is just my opinion but with so many deep connections to florida st. shouldnt this decision be fairly easy? im starting to think wiggins to florida st. isnt going to happen. consider this, the family ties to the school are as deep as they can be and his bestfriend is going to play there with him yet he still hasnt picked them this deep into the process. im gonna make a bold prediction and say he doesnt pick florida st and shocks the college basketball world by tweeting out Rock Chalk Jayhawk here i come.


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Florida State seems like the

Florida State seems like the logical choice to me.

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At this point you almost have

At this point you almost have to assume he's going to Kentucky until he says differently. It's just the common trend that I don't see breaking anytime soon. (Plus Kentucky has 1 more scholarship left, so it could happen)

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He's an attention whore. Top

He's an attention whore. Top prospects do this shit every year. he will probably hold some dumb made for tv press conference too.

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It really only matters if he

It really only matters if he signs with Kentucky or not. Every coach and fan outside of Calipari and Kentucky can breathe easier if he signs elsewhere.

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Maybe he's just waiting for

Maybe he's just waiting for an official early entrant list. Any player can say they're staying or going, but it's not binding.
Other than that I just think he's just taking his time because well....he can. What's the rush?

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What's taking him so long??

Like it's easy to pick betweeen UNC, Kentucky, Florida State and Kansas. Kentucky is stacked as it is next year, they are crazy deep once again and are mad appealing. UNC should do everything they can to get Wiggins... they were an absolute joke this year, I can't remember them ever having such a bad team. The bag with 100K in cash and the sportscar should be delivered pronto. Like some cats said, Florida State is the logical choice, the make daddy happy choice and I could see him going there.

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