What's the record for the most trades in draft history?

I think this year could top the record with this realistically being the last time teams can wheel and deal on a large scale before the lockout hits us.

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I think the Portland

I think the Portland Trailblazers single handedly broke the record that one year they got The Spanish White Chocolate

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All of these are just

All of these are just discussions, rumors and offers. I bet only about 25% of these so called "rumor/offers" really come to fruition. And I doubt any superstars are involved in any of these trades.

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Small trades, not big ones.

Small trades, not big ones. We're going to have a bunch of teams trying to quickly retool and I'm sure we'll see at least one All-Star traded, but it's mostly going to be draft picks and role players.

Edit: By All-Star, I'm blanketing former All-Stars in as well (i.e. Parker).

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lock out will mees trading up

I think this draft isnt going to have a lot of trades because there is major uncertainity over salary cap issues for next year and a lot of teams are going to be afraid to absorb salary because the salary cap is likely going to be lower ( and possibily quite lower) and generally GMs are pussies when it comes to trading anyways (im not looking at you Otis Smith, your just a terrible decision maker who loves to trade).

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