What's next for CP3?

Now that CP3 isn't going to the Lakers, what will happen? Apparently the Hornets will have to keep him for awhile but then what?? If he is traded, everything is different now that the Knicks have blown their cap space on Tyson Chandler. Now the Knicks can not sign him in the offseason and still don't have the assets to trade for him. Although the Clippers got Caron Butler they still have the assets to get him. If the Knicks are out of the question, does that mean teams like the Clippers or Warriors are more likely to get a guarantee from paul that he'll re-sign if they trade for him during the season? Your thoughts?

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do you have a source for paul

do you have a source for paul not going to the lakers cause everything im reading is that it is on hold while it's discussed among owners and the nba.

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