Whats the latest on Phoenix Suns?

Any news on who they want in free agency?

What about draft workouts? and who?

What do you think they should do?

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As a Suns fan, this new FO is

As a Suns fan, this new FO is good at keeping the lids on any potential move they do - less leaks and all that ever since Babby/Blanks took over.

Sure beats me what they plan to do with the cap space they have now - will they try to resign Nash and try to bring veterans to go on one more last, hopless in my book, run, or will they save the cap space for future FA classes? Or will they bring in some young talent, ie a Batum or a Dragic or a Beasley but not totally use up all the cap space? We shall see in the coming weeks and months.

They've worked out some big men - both lower first round pick type prospects (in anticipation that they will try to add a late first round pick) and lower-lottery type talent. However I still feel that they are the team that promised Waiters, andn working out the likes of Zeller are just a smoke screen.

I think they shouldn't bring back Nash and instead go in another direction. Draft Waiters, or if Rivers falls to 13 (which is unlikely) take him. Bring back Aaron Brooks and at least you have a backcourt that can score, even if it is an undersized one. I'd keep Gortat and Dudley, they are two solid pieces for the rebuilding effort. I'd sign Michael Beasley and play him at either the three or four, he can score and will have a chance to realize his potential and continue the development from last season (2010/11). I'd bring back Redd and Telfair, they both pplayed well for the bench late in the year when they made their run for the 8th spot.

PG: Brooks/Telfair
SG: Waiters/Redd
SF: Beasley/Dudley
PF: Morris/Warrick
C: Gortat/Frye

This will not be a team that will make the playoffs, hell I think this will be a top-10 lottery team. However I feel that there is at least scoring punch for the team from Brooks, Beasley, Waiters and Gortat; good upside from pretty much the starting lineup; deccent bench and depth, and a lot to build upon with the cap space that they will preserve by not going after Eric Gordon and keeping Nash.

If the Suns can make the most out of the off-season, I feel their future will not be as bleak as mentioned by everyoone. IMO if they can go with something like this during the offseason, I feel they will be in decent shape for the future.

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i agree with everything. i

i agree with everything. i say we keep Gortat and morris, maybe lopez because i like him as back up, and just trade everyone else for draft picks and younger talent. amnesty childress. we shouldnt sign anyone to a major or max contract this year and just wait til next year! phoenix is so hard to judge and what to do. but if we rebuild should we keep gentry? bring in a new coach with new players?

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“As soon as the season was

“As soon as the season was over, [Thibodeau] just had me in here with him, and we just worked out almost every day, just trying to get ready for the USA,” Gibson said of his preparation for the 2012 USA Men’s Select Team. “I wanted to make a good impression for the USA camp, and he came down and watched every practice. I did a good job, got good feedback, and I feel positive about it.gaf32

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