whats the coolest basketball move u have ever done

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whats the coolest basketball move u have ever done

crossover, made someone fall?dunk on someone head? gamewinner? etc.

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too many individual moves to

too many individual moves to pick one but my favorite game was an intramurul game when we me and a teammate of mine were having a three point competition during the game...when she hit one it was my turn to shoot one the next trip down and best her....And we won by like 30

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Pulled this move off in high

Pulled this move off in high school for the game winner on homecoming the crowd went crazy it was awesome

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One time I made this

One time I made this layup........Hit the glass and everything. That has to be the highlight of not only my basketball playing experience, but also my life.

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Iggy wins. No way I can top that.

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Last year, I pulled off the

Last year, I pulled off the move at :20 - :26 in a pickup game after seeing it an hour earlier. Unfortunately, I airballed the shot, and everyone got mad at me.

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Favorite move is my step back

Favorite move is my step back jump shot, favorite game was was when I scored 22 points in AAU against this top 5 ranked player in Connecticut for the 17 age group(was playing up) it really was surreal.

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Mine was a put back in a game

Mine was a put back in a game to win it all. I caught the ball in the air and put it in at the same time for the win. I was a terrible basketball player at the time but I was athletic and hustled hard and I made that shot and everyone was happy.

I have made that shot now plenty of times but that one time was magical and also I have also triple pumped and made some baskets that were nice

Also a move that every love is the go with a guy and double pump and hang in the air and make the lay up.

this move is easy for me but some people can't do it because they don't have the same level of hang time that I do and everytime I do it people get excited and give me props but I have done it so much I don't see what the fuss is.

I did not to long ago playing with some younger guys and they were like eye wide. I can still do it now so maybe I will do and tape it to see what yall think

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It was the game that sends us

It was the game that sends us to the championship all I know is we were down by at least 10 wit 2min left I hit a 3 got the steal layup and foul, missed the free throw got it back crossover and jumper to put us back in the game........the other guard end up hitting the game winner at the buzzer and 1 its was exciting watch if you got time,-dc...

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I have 2

Best move I ever hit was the Jamal Crawford behind the back dribble back behind the back catch and reverse finish with the left the crowd went NUTS, cashews for that matter. And I hit a game winning 4 point play my sophomore year on the road still have the game ball

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Intramural playoff game. Refs

Intramural playoff game. Refs horrible all game. We come out of the time out ten 12 seconds to go the plan is to get the ball in my hands and clear out. I get the inbounds pass and my man is up on me and I drive left passed him open lane to the hoop. I go up strong and just get clobbered by a help defender from the weak side. No whistle. I'm laying on the ground and I look up and my boy has the ball under the hoop looking at me. "Shoot it! Shoot it!" I plead. He passes the ball to my best friend who is just inside the three point line. He puts it up at the buzzer it's good! We go on to become champs.

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I once tried to attempt a

I once tried to attempt a nasty dunk in the low post after backing down my defender, I jumped with two feet and tried to used 2 hands.(superman style) but my calculation was a bit off, I didnt even hit the rim with the basketball, I missed the rim, the net, everything, but with so much power it is easy to imagine that my momentum made me fall on my ass hard. fortunately it was only a intermural game, not much ppl watching.
btw, Im 6'3 200 pound

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mine is easy, i dont have

mine is easy, i dont have many highlight reels in my memory bank, but one time i had one that would got the rucker park benches cleared.

It was just a pickup game at a church. I was dribbling the ball full speed up the right sideline with my right hand while i had a defender up on my left hip pressing me up the court. Right at halfcourt, using my right hand, iwent behind my back and he was so close it went behind his back as well. He didnt know where the ball went and he turned over his left shoulder and did a complete 180, but i never lost stride, ball just went right around him and i kept going full speed up the sideline while he was back at halfcourt. I was so jacked, had no idea how i just pulled it off and ended up stoping for a pull up 3 and bricked it.

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Hail mary tip-in from about

Hail mary tip-in from about 12 feet away on a missed free throw to win the homecoming game in high school. Bleachers cleared, huge pileup, etc. I had a terrible shooting night and only had 11 points, but I had 22 boards.

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Backwards shot, first grade

Backwards shot, first grade on a YMCA team, no idea why i shot it lol but it went in.

just standing a few feet away from the hoops and and just flip it up there, the crowd went crazy lol.

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I blocked a shot and then my

I blocked a shot and then my team scored. On the other teams next possession I blocked the shot again and ran down the court and did a sick up and under layup. Made me feel like pro for a little bit :)

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I was playing aau hoops. We were up against this team from northern WI that we played at least 6 times that year alone all in like championship games. Never beat them. So midway through the first half I drove to the basketball hard. I went up for the reverse and got nailed by the weakside blocker who was a total pansie. I mean I hated that kid. We had always guarded each other and usually fouled out just from hacking each other. It was nasty ball to. Like he threw a punch at me and I ended up tackling him and someone had to pull me off. LOL. (But ofcourse I was the only one T up)

Any how this kid hacks me so hard I fall the ball hits the rim and bounces to me as I am sitting on my a$$. I for no reason just shoot it up and the refs call an and one. Nobody had touched me while i was on the ground. It was a horrible call. But hey I will take it.

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mine was

i was like 16. i'm only 5'10'' stocky, white, short armed, and not quick but decent for my stocky build. i was the last man defense on a fast break from a press. the kid passed to the kid streaking on the left who was a good shooter but thats it. i was running full speed and volleyball spiked it off the backboard when he layed right hand on the left side. i looked at the ref who signaled it was clean then jumped a couple times looking at the kid in the face right next to him. he wouldnt look up at me. 100 people in the stands all were like ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. dont think anybody wasn't saying it. my buddy caught the block at the three point line. we hit a three down the court then i hit one next possesion. the team had no choice but to call time out. we lost in sudden death overtime how effed up is that? aau tournament needed to keep going.

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I once did the Shawn Kemp

I once did the Shawn Kemp block to a kid in high school. Not swatting the ball, taking it from him as he went up...proudest athletic achievement of my life lmao.

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The God Shammgod move

The God Shammgod move

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i'll never forget

it was in my senior year we were playing a top 5 team in the province... i got the rebound was running down the middle of the court did a shamm god on the guy and he was lost... then i stepped back and hit a 3... guess it was great for me cuz we ended up winning the game by 2 in the end

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In a YMCA game I crossed-over

In a YMCA game I crossed-over with the right exploding to my left, pulled backbehind my back and dribbled 3 steps backward through my legs and 2 steps forward through my legs, than crossed-over to the left, exploded towards the rim and finished with a dunk while taking alot of contact. (I actaully finished with a layup but I like to play like I can dunk and always played that way). The play happenedreally fast but everyone in the Gym got amped. YMCA Allstar.

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Joewolf career highlights, lol

In a varsity game my senior year, I shot a Jordan style turn around fadeaway over a 6'6'' defender as time expired in the 3rd quarter, too bad we were down like 10, haha.

In a JV game my sophomore year I blocked 4 shots in one possession, the same guy twice in the post, another guy driving to the lane and another guy who picked up the loose ball and tried to shoot it over me and I swatted the ball out of bounds to stop the play. I waved my finger like Mutombo since it was like 1997 and he was still doing that, lol

I also 2 handed dunked on a guy at a pick up game in college, I could really jump back then and it was a true facial.

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A year ago, it was the last

A year ago, it was the last game of our season, the oppsing team had the inbound with 8 seconds left to play and we were down by one.
I somehow knew where the pass was going, jumped, tipped the ball over the reaching opponend, caught it at the 3-point line, and pushed it full court for the game-winning layup against three defenders.
I had 46 points in that game and finally won my beloved scoring title. *lol* xD

That was definitely my most memorable moment in basketball.

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I have two....

I was having a career shooting night in a pickup game with some friends from work (5 on 5, full court), and a guy on the other team was as well. I'm ordinarily a decent outside shooter, but everything was going in -- it was ridiculous. The gym was about to lock up so I figured why not goof around a little, and I shot a 3-pointer underhanded (in the game), like a granny-style free throw, and it swished in.

Another time (just in practice) I was driving right baseline and got cut off and forced out of bounds, so I switched to my left hand and hit a twelve-foot jumper with my off hand falling out of bounds. The guy guarding me said, "did you just hit that left handed?" I had never even tried it before.

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i dont have a fav move but my best memory is when i played AAU and we went up against oj mayo and his squad. it was so unfair wat OJ was doing 2 me. he came down 3 straight possessions and called a bank 3 off the glass everytime and hit!. i was pissed but wat could i do. he didnt guard me on the other end( not that it mattered) but my team ended up winning behind my 37 points.

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