Whatever Happened to Al Thornton?

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Whatever Happened to Al Thornton?

He lasted played in 2011 with the Warriors
He had talent but then he just went overseas

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Thornton couldn't really

Thornton couldn't really shoot, and when he DID shoot - the were terrible shots

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i remember he was a BEAST on

i remember he was a BEAST on the clippers, thats funny you posted this, i was thinking about him a couple weeks ago

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Haha I remember him not getting that many minutes on the clippers is rookie season and finally when he got minutes he would put up like 20 a night like 12 for the season.

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He was a dumb player. He

He was a dumb player. He took terrible shots, had no floor game and sucked on defense.

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He played himself out of the

He played himself out of the league with his bad attitude, poor shot selection and low basketball i.q. He is very talented and even made the all-rookie team, but he must be somewhat of a cancer for a horrible team like the 2011 Wizards to waive him mid-way through the season- when he was a starter for most of the year.

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I love most of the comments I'm reading because al Thornton is actually my 1st cousin and some people just have no idea what they are talking about. He is rehabbing now because he's had a series of tears to his meniscus and such. He was playing in Puerto Rico and doing really well during the lockout season. Then he played with the Brooklyn nets this year in the summer league but hurt his knee again. As for the people with the comments about his poor attitude and shit selection he's never been a poor attitude person. And his shot selection given was bad a lot of times but he was coached to come in the game and score. That's what his role on many NBA teams was to provide scoring. He's never been an elite defender rebounder playmaker but what he did pretty well was score. He also got away for driving to the basket. He fell in love with the jumper so much and got away from his game. He's still in contact with teams tho and maybe he will come back next season if his body permits him. Again tho its funny how people think they know something about a player or who he is but are just fake analysts. Not me being mad or upset at the comments because I also tell him he played himself out of the league for the time being. But pay attention to a players role before labeling him as selfish or other things

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