What is your weakness as a basketball player?

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Stop skanking like a bunch of old ladies on an NBA draft website. 99.9% of us aren't down with stuff like that. N.B.A. Draft. Website.

My biggest weakness is 5' 9" and stereotypical whiteness. And being overweight.

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I'd have to say.. I have a pretty good game.. But my ankles and knees can barely handle a half hour in a game, before I'm very prone to sprains.. I'm a Junior in college too.. Sad in a way..

And also.. Jonny Chill I've never had a problem with anyone's antics before but I don't see what you bring to conversations anymore.. If all you're doing is getting a rise out of bothering people leave it in your kindergarten class... That goes for everyone else to consider before they post too.. Seriousness is good, joking is good, but being offensive for the sake of being offensive is unneccessary and frankly, in the setting of an internet forum, pathetic.. and in the end it degrades the legitimacy of this site...

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Mine would be foul trouble.

Mine would be foul trouble. On the defensive end of the floor I'm one of those annoying players who get into peoples faces and steal and intercept the ball a lot, starting fast breaks (and I'm a decent runner so I often finish them as well).

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mines my speed. im 6'1 240

mines my speed. im 6'1 240 with a good vert for my size. lost 30 pounds the past 5 months lookin to lose more. def felt faster and more explosive but still got a good amount to go. Im pretty polished and smart on both ends of the floor but i tend to get blown by and run outta air quick

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No handle. Just not a good dribbler

Usually the best shooter but guys try to run me off the 3 point line and that makes me less effective. Very quick on D but not as quick on offense.

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Exactly what M-DYMES said.

Exactly what M-DYMES said. Jumpshot consitency.

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you guys are so tight

you guys are so tight

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Several, actually

1. I am 5'6" and so every part of my body is under-sized (now watch Patty Mills or Gay fish to make a "penis" joke)

2. My hands are very small, so I can't dribble all that well, and my arms are too short to do a lot of crosover stuff, so I have a very difficult time beating guys off the dribble

3. I cannot jump worth crap, so I don't block any shots

4. My arms are tiny, so I can't disrupt much on defense

5. I have no lateral quickness, so I constantly let guys past me

6. I am slow, so I can't run the break very well

7. I am easily winded

So even when my shots ARE falling, I am not a dominant player by any means. But, hey, I have a high basketball IQ, so that has to count for something, right?

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I miss a shot once in a

I miss a shot once in a while. Not this year, but then it's only April. I don't usually play basket-ball.

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im tall. im can finish. and im a pretty decent (tho sometimes streaky) shooter, but if i had a handle i think it'd be really hard to stop me.

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Mines is not creating space

Mines is not creating space for myself, lack of hustle, not boxing out at times and creating a bad possession in crunch time.

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My confidence at times, when

My confidence at times, when my confidence is high I can play with anyone in the world, but when it lacks i couldn't play with a team full of 6th grade girls lol.

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I can shoot all day, but I can't drive at all. If someones guarding me to the rim it's pretty much a guarenteed missed layup for me unless I just have them beat obviously. But if my drive is contested I will pretty much never make my layup. It's frustrating because I'm not a fan of just catch & shoot every single play, but unfortunately that's what I'm good at, even if I have more of a drivers mentality haha.

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My biggest weakness is my

My biggest weakness is my vertical. It's no more than 20 inches...

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Also, playing off the ball is

Also, playing off the ball is a huge weakness of mine. I usually just stand in the corner for 3's. I may set a pick or 2 but in general , if I move without the ball I seem to get in the way.

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Ball handling, I don't have

Ball handling, I don't have much of a cross over, which makes finding shots on the perimeter hard for me unless I'm rolling off screens or left open. I've really improved my post game in my 20's to make myself more effective, especially since I'm not usually playing against 6'6'' - 6'9'' guys in the lane like I did when I played in HS.

Still, although I've adapted my game, but creating for myself on the perimeter is a blairing weakness in my game and it's a direct result of lacking advanced ball handling skills. I can handle the ball well enough to break a press, but not to break my man down one- one- one. Unless he's got Scalabrine speed, lol

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I am 5'10. Maybe if I were 8

I am 5'10. Maybe if I were 8 inches taller then I could be really great at basketball lol. But I am a point guard so size isn't a huge deal. I model my game after a scoring Steve Nash with defense, but being taller would certainly help. I have very good on ball defense, but I can't jump to save my life so there goes blocking and rebounds. I'v actually gained 35 pounds in the past 2 years, but I am still only 185. I use to be 5'10 and 150pounds so I was just a quick little guard, but I am still just as quick due to a little added muscle along with the fat.

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1.The honeydips being so

1.The honeydips being so amazed by my skills that they scream and throw their underpeanties at me is a bit of a distraction sometimes


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I'm to good so they don't let

I'm to good so they don't let me play in spirt of fairness.They also say I'm to cocky about myself, but they are wrong, I'm just perfect :)

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Catch and shoot, I'm much

Catch and shoot, I'm much better shooting off the dribble and I dribble too much

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cant consistently beat my man

cant consistently beat my man with the left hand. also, im not as explosive as i want :(

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Oh boy, I have plenty of

Oh boy, I have plenty of weaknesses. I certainly lack the athleticism to play high level basketball. I can't create my own offense effectively due to my physical limitations and lack of vertical. I'll never be anything more then role player on good recreational league teams. You could say my entire game is a weakness outside of my effort, poise and strength.

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free throws, rebounding,

free throws, rebounding, stealing, inside scoring. I'm 6'3 to 6'4

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