What you GUYS think abou the Draft?

I dont know about starting Evans right away, but I am Glad we have an up and comming point guard that supposively has more potential than BENO. I think Petrie did pretty good in the draft. I have not seen EVANS play but I trust Petrie_Thats why he gets paid the big bucks. I know there are critcs wondering why we did not adress the rebounding issue. But in the draft there are NO true good rebounding prospects. unless you want to consider 6'7 blair..ha ha. looks like the KINGS are planning to make a big splash in free agency that will address the center posistion. I think we are almost set for the year if a quality center can be signed (very few). There are many teams wanting to dump some very good players (salary) and maybe we can pick one up. Get rid of BENO. GOD help us and get rid of thomas too. We have money this year or we can wait for next year , by then we will be one of the four teams that will be the most salary cap free team and be able to sign an impact player!!!!!!! HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!

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No impact player is gonna

No impact player is gonna wanna play for Sac i'm afraid. And of course he has more potential than Beno. My mom has more potential than Beno. I want Evans to play right away. I don't think Casspi will be good. Isn't he just like Nocioni? A tough player but average shooter. I hope Brockman develops into someone like Millsap but I think Millsap has better hops prob.

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Not sure why it's ha ha Blair. He may be 6'7" but he has the wingspan of almost a 7 footer. The Kings should have tried to move up to get him. I like Brockman, but Blair is by far the better player & he only went 1 pick before Brockman? He was at least 20 players higher on nearly everyone's draft board. I know he doesn't have any ACL, but he didn't in college either - he could have helped tremendously. The Kings should have tried to leap back ahead of San Antonio & nab Blair. They wanted toughness & rebounding - Blair delivers both in spades.

I agree that Casspi doesn't make much sense with Nocioni already aboard, unless they plan on using one of them in a deal to move Beno out of town. They're going to have to give someone away in order to get a team to take Udrih off their hands - 2 identical players at the same spot suggests it might be one of them.

Thomas' expiring salary means he finally has value, so they won't be dumping him for nothing. He's either part of a deal to offload Beno or he'll be moved to bring in a younger player that can contribute. I doubt the Kings will just hold him in hopes of being FA players in 2010 - they're too far off from contending to be attractive to anyone but role-players. No one is going to want to come here until things have clearly turned around, which means the Kings are building primarily through the draft for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, let's hope Evans pans out & they don't regret passing on Blair.

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Thank Heavens for Tyreke Evans!

Tyreke Evans was an awesome addition :)

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But we shouldn’t let

But we shouldn’t let criticisms of the voting process get in the way of praise for the men and women who get inducted and actually do deserve it. This year’s crop, for example, includes Reggie Miller and Don Nelson, two people more than worthy of enshrinement.

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But the team’s first priority

But the team’s first priority was to re-sign Nash and have the future Hall of Famer end his career in Phoenix, until the financial numbers didn’t make sense going that route for a team also looking to get back into contention.

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