What is wrong with Kyrie Irving?

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What is wrong with Kyrie Irving?

I can't believe this hasn't been talked about more...

Kyrie has been absolute sh!t all year when we were all expecting him to jump to superstar status. He is a worse player in almost every single statistical category.

Last year stats: 22.5 ppg 5.9 apg 1.5 spg 3.7 rpg 3p% .391 FG% .452 Tpg 3.2

This year: 19.7 ppg 5.8 apg .9 spg 3.4 rpg 3p% .304 FG% .394 Tpg 3.3

Now if you've been on the board awhile you know that I was one of the biggest Kyrie homers on this site and for good reason. Kyrie's first two years were two of the best first years by a PG EVER. The sky seemed like the limit for him. I haven't watched that many games of his this year, but of the ones I have watched I noticed a couple things.

1. The Cavs offense looks absolute sh!t

2. I think Mike Brown has A LOT to blame for Kyrie's struggles

3. A lot of Cavs fans thought we would make the playoffs this year, but now that the season started, the players on this team just seem horrible. Added to the fact that that the player that was supposed to push Cleveland over the top and into the playoff picture, Andrew Bynum, has hardly played.

4. Defenses have figured out that Kyrie's supporting cast is pretty sh!tty so Kyrie meets a lot of double teams maybe more than any other player in the league.

5. A lot of the shots Kyrie made last year routinely just aren't dropping for him this year

6. Yes Kyrie has been given a raw deal with his coach, GM, and teammates but a REAL leader would've tried to still put his team on his back. So now I question Kyrie's attitude.

All I know is, now there are A LOT of PGs just in the EAST that I would take over him. Last year a hot debate arose every so often about John Wall vs Kyrie Irving and almost everyone would pick John Wall now when the majority picked Kyrie last year.

For those who have watched more Cavs game than me, or those who have an idea, what is up with Kyrie?

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Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of watching every game this season. Ill piggyback off your points to help out.

1. True statement. Kyrie is the undisputed leader of this team and the face of the franchise. He has been given the nickname locally as Mr.4thQuarter. As far as Kyrie goes, it seems like he tries playing hero ball. He still gets to the rim at will, still draws fouls, but his FT% is also down.

2.Hard to say. Mike Brown is notorious for being a terrible offensive coach as well as developing players. Although team defensive numbers are much improved, I think their team offense ranks in the mid-20's. I was at the game lastnight and Kyrie did a respectable job guarding CP3.

3.Andrew Bynum is playing much better, especially the last 2 week. Check his stats out. As far as everyone else....Waiters has been better coming off the bench. Although lastnight he forced a lot of shots and has fallen back into his terrible fadeaways on every attempt. He can still get to the rim at will also, but FT% is also bad. He hasnt improved much. Varejao has his minutes down to keep him healthy and inury risks to a minimum. Tristan has been playing respectable. And its well documented the Bennett is an out of control dumpster fire.

5. His % across the board are all down. But he's still getting good shots. Its been rumored that a fall he took a while back has messed his wrist up, but he denies it.

6. I wouldnt say he isnt trying to to put the team on his back. Hes taken blame for bad games and losses. And he isnt laying down taking these losses. He's still going out and competing every night. Maybe after lastnights big win over the Clippers the Cavs will turn it around.

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He's still going to the all

He's still going to the all star game and he's only 21 years old. I think he's senstive to injuries more than he wants let on. An if Mike Brown is your coach your numbers will go down, he can't coach to save his life..

An side note: I always pick John Wall over kentucky I don't flip flop over to one or the other.

I hope he gets outta of his funk, I wish him luck and this is a Kentucky fan cheering on a Dukie

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I was never a big fan of mike

I was never a big fan of mike brown as a coach he won coach of the year and got fired the next season? His NBA success is based on having LeBron his first years in the NBA. Kyrie is a pg but when you missed out on klay,drummond,barnes,and oldaipo,kwai,vucevic,tobias harris.
We have to question the front office. They messed up with LeBron also they had lottery picks before and after LeBron and surround him with NOONE who became allstars. Best thing they pulled was the Bynum contract. I love the young players on the cavs but this isn't the team it could have been and its not irvings fault hes losing hes been the focal point of defenses these last few years he needs help.

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Look I've only watched...

...half a dozen cavs games this year but the lack of an offensive scheme under Brown seems an issue to me. To often in crunch time it's "lets give it to Kyrie and clear out for an iso" even though there's 15 on the clock. I don't see enough plays being run and I think Kyrie is having to do too much lifting. I get your point about a leader steping up but you've answered that already: it's only his third year, the cavs need to be nuturing his talent not puting the weight of the organisation on it. He IS trying, the shots just aren't going down, he's only really dropped of in FG% and 3PT%, the other numbers look as expected.

Really I think the issues lie with the organisastion as a whole (from teammate disfunction to GM mistakes) and that is being reflected in Irving's poor start. I think the cavs lack a leader, annd it shouldn't have to be Irving just yet, let him develop before you put that pressure on him.

The one move I'd be really gunning for (other than a backroom staff, then coaching clean out - in that order) is a package around Waiters for Deng. Yes I know the Bulls probably aren't going for it but he is exactly what they need, a clear headed, SF, great shooter who makes smart decisions and leads by example. If they can put the right players and people around Irving he really does have the potential to be something like a 6'3" Chris Paul but I feel they're on a bit of a knifes edge at the moment. Poor management of talented teams can leave you right in the middle of nowhere (see Atlanta's efforts with Smith, Johnson, Horford). It's easy to drop seasons and get high draft picks but it's years 2, 3 and 4 after that where the right decisions have to be made.

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Team Play

With the privilege (or lack there of) of living outside of Cleveland I've watched many games this season.

DionWaiters- Pregame ritual is to flip a coin. If it lands heads, he drives to the hole and scores 20+ If its tails he shoots fadeaway jumpers and 25% from the field.
Kyrie Irving- How can I make sportscenter tonight? I will dribble as impressively as I can, until I turn it over.
Bynum- Ease into it big fella. Impressed with how he is slowly beginning to look like a 20-10 guy.
Anthony Bennett - Reminding fans that they live in Cleveland with every 3 he takes.
Andy Varejao- Still being Andy. Making the play to give Cleveland an extra possession.
Tristan Thompson- Has the city fooled. I will admit, TT looks stronger, he looks more confident but when you look at the numbers, in 2 more minutes a game hes averaging less points than last year, and 1 more rebound. I can't wrap my finger around it because he does look a lot more improved, numbers wise, he's just the same.
Jarrett Jack- Old faithful.

On paper, Cleveland should be 4th in a pathetic East. Mike Brown is running the same "superstar" offensive strategy and it isn't working. I truly believe the Cavaliers will gel with time. I still think they are a playoff team with how much of a joke the East is. Time will tell.

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You lost me when you said

You lost me when you said you'd pick A LOT of PG's in the east over him and everyone would pick Wall over him.

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Mike Brown's system. If it

Mike Brown's system. If it weren't for Lebron, Brown would not be coaching in the NBA.

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