What would your Player Profile Read Like?

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What would your Player Profile Read Like?

With the NCAA season over, and the NBA season winding down the focus will shift to the draft, especially for those teams who won't make the postseason. I'm gonna guess most posters here never had a shot at the NBA, and it's possible many didn't even play past high school. That being said, this is all about fantasy. Write a player profile about yourself as if you were a legit NBA prospect. It should be hilarious. Also, including some context would be good.

Context: I was a 6'1 SG in HS, moved to the 1 in my 2 years playing at university (transferred to a infinitely better academic school to finish my degree and do a PhD, didn't play there)

NBA Comparison: Adam Morrison (shorter version)

Strengths: Good jump shooter with an ability to knock-down tough shots...Has range out to the 3-point line...A good FT shooter (85%)...decent vertical leap allows him to rebound well for his position...will block a few shots when defending smaller opponents...has the ability to find open teammates when he's not too busy looking for his own shot...good finisher around the hoop.

Weaknesses: Has the lateral quickness of a man in a wheel chair, severely impacting his ability to stay in front of quicker opponents...Weak handle affects his ability to create his own shot...Can at times be too selfish with the ball, resulting in poor shots and disruption of offense...Shooting can be a bit streaky, and when it's not falling, his effectiveness as a scorer is diminished...Poor on-ball defender although he shows a tendency to read passing lanes well leading to a few steals...Slow first step...Quicker defenders will limit his ability to get to the basket...Sometimes settles for jump shots, limiting free throw attempts...At times will take plays off defensively

Disclaimer: I am nowhere near as good as Adam Morrison, this is just for fun

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Player Profile

Give him the rock and get the fcuk out of his way

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I'm just a complete trash of

I'm just a complete trash of a player, but whatever

I'm a 5'6 freshman in one of the best universities in Russia, and, quite frankly, the sporting facilities here are crap. I think we do have some sort of basketball team, but it has one practice per week and doesn't take part in anything semi-major. I've never played any real organised ball.

NBA Comparison: Dennis Rodman with the size of Earl Boykins

Strength: A good athlete with an OK vertical (can touch the rim off jump, which is something Andrew Albicy can't do lol). A very willing defender, can shut a player down and get under a players skin, might even block a shot once in a while. Goes for every rebound and gets a few despite non-existent size. Hustles, jumps for loose balls, a willing (but not great) passer.

Weaknesses: Is only 5'6, has an almost pitiful jumpshot (can be left wide-open for a mid-range jumper and will only knock down about 40% of them). Dribbling is very shaky, can lose the ball trying to cross over the opponent. Hasn't got any go-to offensive moves and really rarely makes (or takes) anything tougher than an open lay up. His passing ability is limited due to the fact that he always needs to keep focused on his dribbling.

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Player profile

NBA comparison: Weaker Tayshaun Prince

Strengths: good spot up shooter with plenty of size to play the two (6'6", 215). Decent ball handler who can bring the ball up the floor. Above average passer who always prefers to look for his teammates rather than creating his own offense. Good defender when engaged.

Weaknesses: very wiry frame. Looks to teammates first primarily because he cannot create own shot. Streaky shooter who tends to stop shooting if shot isn't falling. Lacks aggression majority of the time. Shys away from the spotlight and disappears in big moments far too often. Terrible free throw shooter which is surprising considering good shooting form. Limited athleticism.

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Im not that good but

Im not that good but whatever. Im a 5'10 160 lb 16 year old.

Strengths: Plays hard, has a knack for getting rebounds, plays physical is a good passer has a solid basketball IQ, can occasionally get in lane ahnd hit nice floaters.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent jump shot that can be good some games but most games isnt hitting, lack of lateral quickness and overall athleticism, handle isnt that strong doesnt have much of a left hand, can still run point on occasion though. Needs to add more bulk and can occasionally lose focus.

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NBA Comparison: Eddie House

NBA Comparison: Eddie House offense/Rajon Rondo defense

Strengths: Ultra quick guard who has the lateral quickness to defend even the best athletes at his position. His defensive abilities and tenacity on that end of the court are spectacular to say the least, and his one man press against opposing pg's is impressive. Has a very high basketball IQ and can get to the line at a solid rate even without attacking the hoop. Has a very good pump fake and uses it to get open shots and draw fouls. He has a very nice jump shot from all over the court, with very deep range capable of knocking down 35 footers. Has a very good mid range game and it very good coming off screens. Very solid from the free throw line as well. Sneaky athletic because he doesn't rely on it much on offense, and can beat his man off the dribble usually. Decent passer and has nice court awareness. Great timing on defense with passing lanes and on-ball steals. Also a very good offensive rebounder, expecially for his size. has a knack for knowing where the ball will be and outhustles his opponents the entire game. The type of glue player that every team needs to win.

Weaknesses: Standing 5'8 and weighing 135 pounds, he is extremely undersized with a little frame and very little strength. He can easily be bullied around by even average size guards. Isn't a true pg and is well undersized for that, let alone a 2 guard. His pg skills are average at best, with a weak handle for a guard. Cannot run a team. Not much of a vertical leaper. A very inconsistant finisher around the rim and isn't aggressive enough at taking the ball to the hole. Seems to be a role player type with his spot up shooting and lockdown defense. Can sometimes be inefficient with his offense and shoot too much, has poor shooting off the dribble. He is more of a volume shooter then spot up shooter, and can be taken out of his rhythem if you get aggressive with him. Body control is about average. His passing and vision could use some work, they are average at this point, which doesn't cut it for his size. His potential is limited due to his physical limitations and lack of leaping ability.

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I haven't updated mine in

I haven't updated mine in awhile but you can just click on my icon for it.

Since I'm sure people are too lazy for that I'll post it anyway.

Strengths: Gallenberger is a very good athlete at the point. He uses his quickness, and a variety of fakes to get past his man and penetrate. He is an exceptional leaper, has great body control, and routinely makes highlight plays at the rim. He is at his best in transition, where his elite open court speed takes over. Very aggressive with the ball and loves to attack the paint. He handles the ball well and has continued to grow as a pg, he can run a team now. Has good court vision and can make some spectacular passes. Has a pretty good midrange game, although it isn't used frequently. Favorite moves include a nice turnaround and stepback. He is a decent set shooter from 3. He plays tough defense when he faces opposing teams best players and is very capable of locking down opponents when is active. Has really worked to be a more complete player and improved his basketball IQ. Hates to lose and loves having the ball in big moments.

Weaknesses: To continue his development as a player he needs to fine tune his jump shot and work on his left handed ball handlng. Needs to improve his ability to shoot with a hand in his face. He is a terrible free throw shooter, mainly due to his lack of confidence in it. He still needs some work on his positioning on defense, and needs to put forth the effort more often. His strength isn't bad but if he can get stronger without losing athleticism it would benefit him well. Often becomes a ball hog when his teammates aren't making shots. At his height (5'9) he will always be at a slight disadvantage. He has shown he can play off the ball, but needs to move without it a little bit better.

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I'm 19 years old 6'3 200

I'm 19 years old 6'3 200 pounds (depends on a day my weight could vary from 190 to 205 lbs) power forward currently a freshman in Lithuania's best university..

Strenghts: Very strong frame, although I'm still filling it up long arms (reportedly 6'7 wingspan ), good hands. Good strength, solid explosivness. Great rebounder, tenacious on both ends. Atacks the glass really aggresive. Good post defender because of very solid strength. Has the ability to finish through the contact. Gets free throw opportunities because of aggresivness. Willingness to do dirty work: take the ball out of bounds, set screens, defend. Very coachable does what the coach asks for. Good free throw shooter ( 80 percent). Does not have many post movies but uses his strength well to overpower his opponents. Can knock midrange jumper. Good passer, can handle the ball a bit.

Weaknesses: Slightly undersized as a 4. Lacks lateral quickness to defend on perimeter. Only an average shot blocker. Has the tendency to get into foul trouble. Sometimes tries to do to much. Very focused against strong opponents, but tends to lose his interest against weak ones. Absolutely unable to knock down three pointer. Struggles to create for himself. Lack of good first step. Can't beat his opponents of the dribble. Bad knees.

Overall: High energy 4 who rebounds extremely well and competes every possetion. Being slightly undersized may cause struggles offensively, will score most of his points after pick and roll and offensive putbacks. Good passer , can do some specific tasks like guarding opposing teams best player because of competitivness.

NBA comparision: Keneth Farried meets Chris Webber (passing)

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PG or Point Forward 6"1' 200

PG or Point Forward 6"1' 200 lbs

Comparison: Hedo Turkaglu

Strengths: Dribbles the ball very well. Is strong and can get to the rim whenever he wants, albeit struggles to finish depending on the day. Has a good shot when he's on. Exceptional court vision, always looks to pass first, score second. Ultimate team player, puts a lot of effort into defense and rebounding. Really active hands, always gets deflections that lead to turnovers and easy buckets. Controls tempo well, likes to run the break and knows when to slow down when the team isn't joining on the break.

Weaknesses: Lacks footspeed and athleticism. Short wingspan. Struggles to finish. Shot is very streaky. Can't block shots. Mental toughness is weak and if he misses a couple shots in a row it gets to him, especially since he doesnt look to score that much in the first place.

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PG/SG combo guard 6' 155

PG/SG combo guard 6' 155 lbs

Comparison Ricky Rubio

Strengths: Can dribble around most defenders using fakes and hesitations to knock the defender off balance to get to the hoop. Finishes relatively well around the hoop but often tries to get too fancy ala Derrick Rose's finishing ability. Very willing passer that sees the game a frame ahead of the defense and can make virtually any pass at top speed. Defensively can wreak havoc both on the perimeter and also down on the block. Good length (6'3 wingspan) helps to play lockdown defense. Excells when on the break.

Weaknesses: Often tries to get too fancy sometimes making things more about style than substance. While he is a good defender, often takes plays off and relies on help defense. Lateral quickness is an issue when trying to stay in front of a quicker player. While his jump shot is fairly good, consistency has been an issue and when a couple shots don't fall in a row, his confidence starts to drop and he will pass up open shots.

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Position: SG 5'10 165 lbs NBA

Position: SG

5'10 165 lbs

NBA Comparison: Tony Allen (Better Shooter)

Strengths: This kid is not the most skilled basketball player, but he makes up for it with his high motor. More of an athlete than a basketball player. Great speed and quickness allow him to defend well on the perimeter. Very rare is it for someone to get off an easy shot while he's guarding you. Crashes the boards and is a physical player who is deceptively strong. Offensively he can knock down a perimeter jumper if left open. Lacks a lot of offensive skills but can somehow make free throws at a high percentage (80-85%).

Weaknesses: Did not play basketball in high school so he lacks what most people refer to as basic basketball fundamentals. Below average ball handler and passer which can lead to occasional turnovers. Very Streaky shooter, if he's not on don't let him shoot.

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