What would a young/healthy Arvydas Sabonis have been able to do in the NBA?

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What would a young/healthy Arvydas Sabonis have been able to do in the NBA?

I saw the "who is the most skilled" thread and it made me remember a thread on another site about how Preinjury Sabonis might have been the best big man in the world. Even at his old age with the Blazers he was a top big, but in his younger days he looked like the real deal.

Alot of International players seem to agree with this. Such as Dino Radja and this from Vlade

"when he was 21 or 22," Divac said. He was the best center I ever saw in my life. I can say easy he was a better player than Shaq, Ewing, Hakeem. I'm telling you, he was the best center I ever saw in my life. He was passing the ball, dribbling, shooting three-pointers, jumping. He did everything. Now he's lost his speed because of injury, but still he's a smart player. He knows basketball."

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sabonis would have been a top

sabonis would have been a top 10 player in the league. He would have been mixing it up with hakeem, robinson and ewing for sure. Not saying he would be better then them, but he would go toe to toe with them. Best passing big man i have ever seen easily. Great hands and could shoot out to three point land. Imagine kevin love, but with better back to the basket skills and 7 feet tall, maybe not as good a rebounder as klove though.

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He would have been a monster.

He would have been a monster. I think he would have been great with a western team (more to run). Imagine if he was on a team like Golden State or Seattle or even a team like Los Angeles.

I think he would have had career averages of like: 19 ppg, 10rpg and 4apg.

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Was the music in the first

Was the music in the first video intentionally trying to sound like music from the Rocky movies? Haha. Couldn't help but think of Ivan Drago when they were showing Sabonis in the CCCP jersey.

Sabonis definitely had a unique skill set for a big man during his prime overseas. If only he came over to the NBA and spent those dominating years against quality NBA bigs.

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If u remember he was the only

If u remember he was the only center who could give Shaq problems in his prime. Sabonis played excellent D on shaq compared to any other big

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Who's career would have been

Who's career would have been better without injuries/death from 20 on? Petrovic or Sabonis?

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I think had Sabonis come to

I think had Sabonis come to the league early and stayed healthy, he would have been known as one of the best passers ever. Not passing big men - passers, period. And he would definitely be in the conversation with guys like Robinson and Olajuwon.

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He's not Myvydas, he's not

He's not Myvydas, he's not Yourvydas, he's Arvydas.

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If Sabonis had come to the

If Sabonis had come to the NBA a decade earlier then I can see him being up there with the likes of Robinson, Hakeem, Ewing, Mutombo etc who were the doiminant bigs in the pre Shaq era. I could have seen him being a 20/10 plus player in his prime and maybe having been an 18ppg, 10rpg, 1.5 pg player over an extended NBA career.

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hed e rite alon along the great c of that era

totally agree with the posts that hed be among the elite c of that area best passing and out side shooting big ever wiht range up to the 3 pt line great mention about the superb d he played on shaq even an his advanced age imo hed been a 21 pt 10 board 5 assist guy for his career

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He would've been great. He

He would've been great. He really had all the attributes you could possibly want in a center.

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It was a very good matchup

It was a very good matchup when he matched up with David Robinson in the 88 Olympics and his team won, I think he'd easily be a 22-24 ppg 10-12 rpg 2.5-3 bpgcenter in his prime. His career numbers would be lower, but even when he came into the league without knees and in his 30's he was a top 10 center. He didn't develop that jumper because he hurt his knees either, he had it all along. In his prime even in the "center era" that was the 90's I think he'd be top 5.

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@ Mkadoza

Good question, because Arvydas clearly would have been a monster in his younger days, and Petrovis was a player that had kind of shown a glimpse of how great he could become. I still give Petrovic the benefit of the doubt and call him the greatest the European player of all-time. Had Petrovic come to the NBA earlier, I just have a feeling he coul have been a total beast throughout his career. Look at his percentages, what he was able to do as an All-Around player, the guy was phenomenal. Sabonis was incredibly skilled for a player his size, and ridiculously huge to boot, but I do not know if he would have been better than players like Hakeem and Ewing, maybe on their level, but I do not think he was ever as gifted athletically. Both players are definite legends of the game, they would have been All-Stars, and you kind of have to guess how much of the legend would have been true had all the circumstances worked out for them. Well, I for one just think Petrovic over time would have been a better player than Sabonis, maybe not in Portland, but down the line.

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