What would you have done on draft night with your favorite team?

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What would you have done on draft night with your favorite team?

If you were the GM of your favorite team, what would you have done on draft night?

My team is the Raptors (although I like Rockets and Suns, but I trust Rockets is in good hands so I never bother to think of what they should have done. The Suns is beyond repair, so if they can trade Steve Nash to a contender, I would probably be traded along with him.)

I really hoped the Raptors would have traded away Bargnani, Calderon, Amir, Kleiza, Barbosa for picks and manageable unwanted contracts. However, consider what actually happened last night, I don't think a deal could have been done to acquire top 10 picks in return (maybe BC didn't even bother to try hard).

With the #5, I would have a tough decision to decide between Jonas Valanciunas and Bismack Biyombo, but I would still go for Bismack Biyombo because:

1) No buyout issue (his last minute issue was more like a desperate attempt from his ACB team to get $$$)

2) More potential with an NBA ready body.

3) Leadership, work ethic and passion to the game. His leadership would be good influence to all the other young players on the team. (Val has work ethic and passion, not sure about leadership)

I will buy the #39 pick (cost: 2million cash) to select one of Darius Morris or Jeremy Tyler. Probably Darius Morris as he's more likely to plan out. A 6'4 pass first PG who may turn out better than both Jose Calderon and Jerryd Bayless (I see him as a good scoring 6th man).

I will buy the #45 pick (cost: 750k cash) to select Josh Selby.

Raptors after the draft:

Calderon / Bayless / Morris
DeRozan / Barbosa / Selby
JJohnson / Kleiza
Bargnani / Amir
Ed / Biyombo / Alabi

1) I will explore trades for Bargnani, Calderon, Kleiza, Barbosa.

2) I will probably wait and see about the free agency, let's all the teams go crazy shopping and overpaying. Then try to find bargain after all the teams exhausted their cap space.

3) I will also pay attention to the undrafted FA and NBDL player to fill out the roster.

What would you have done with your favorite team? Please be realistic!

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i feel my Sixers drafted

i feel my Sixers drafted their #1 need (SIZE)... but i have a feeling in 2-3 years Philly and many other tms will regret not taking jordan hamilton / singleton.

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If I were the Celtics I would

If I were the Celtics I would have kept Marshon and see if he could play the 2 when Allen is gone in a few years. Then at 55 they could have gotten a 4 like Malcolm Thomas or Jamie Skeen.

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I would have drafted Josh Selby. Oh wait.....!!!

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I would have taken Trey Thompkins and Davis Bertans instead. Both were on the board until after their second pick. I'm high on Thompkins and think Bertans will be a great shooter after he gets to the league in a couple of years.

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I though my dreams were

I though my dreams were coming true Chicago packaged 2 of their picks to move up to the 23 pick and select...Nikola Mirotic. W.T.F? How was Marshon Brooks not the pick here? He fits Chicago's biggest need, suprised lots of people at the combine and according to reports he has been outplaying Burks and Thompson in workouts who were off the board in the lottery. This team is ready to compete for a championship NOW. Why are we stashing foreign players overseas when I think Marshon could help now?

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Because Marshon Brooks is not going to make the Bulls better than the heat. By not taking them they obviously plan on upgrading the SG position during free agency or trade which I completely agree with them doing. I dont think any SG from this draft would be better than Brewer year one. I feel Klay Thompson would of been the only one that could contribute this season. So far from everything I have heard about Mirotic I like the pick. He could be such a steal in a couple of years and if the Bulls feel no player at that position could of made an immediate impact then I support them all the way in stashing their talent overseas. This gives us more financial flexibility because we dont need to pay 2 of our draft picks now.

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mirotic has a potential. He's

mirotic has a potential. He's gonna be in europe for another 4 years, but when he comes into the nba, he's gonna be a hella of a player. also, bulls can get a better sg in FA rather than brooks.

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Warriors fan

If we were going to select a SG, I would have preferred Alec Burks instead of Klay Thompson. Monta, Curry, Thompson has some short comings on defensive end, Burks has potential on offense and defense.

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I like the way the Grizzlies

I like the way the Grizzlies picked. They went out and got the best guy on the board. We either pick really great or really bad. Chris Wallace also made some great hits or misses in Boston. We could have used a spot-up 3 point shooter but hopefully Xavier Henry can give us that next year.

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