What would it take for the raptors to rid themselves of Hedo so that they could finally start to rebuild?

Raps need to move this guy 'cause Bosh is out and the rebuilding must start in T.O I think he has value still and would fit on a good squad. I'd also like for the raps to gain Rubio's rights someway somehow. Is there any chance this could happen? The wolves were pretty high on Derozan last year before the draft.

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He can be traded

Someone will want him. We need to get rid of him. I would bet that teams looking to win might take him to unload some scraps, but we cannot expect much. Trading him to Sac-town for Nocioni would not be bad as we need his grit, and he would not mind playing here. he shoots well, grabs boards and smacks people around. If we could get a little more value, future cap space that would be a bonus.

Rubio would probably fit well, but it would probably take more than DeRozan to get him. Getting rid of DeRozan would hurt, but he might not want to stay here (probably would also hate going to Minny). With Weems we might not lose too much by trading him, as Weems showed that he has a ton of upside in tgames last year. One problem is that Rubio wanted to go to a warm climate/big market last year. Toronto is Cold, but he might like the Colangelo way of playing, and passing to Bargs should not hurt his stats.

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