what will the real nba draft look like come thursday

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what will the real nba draft look like come thursday

for months now we have seen all the mock drafts in the world from nba draftnet, nba draftexpress, everybody on this site. but what if were all wrong on this draft thing. like what if the grizzlies doing something crazy like drafting a dinosaur. lol im just playing. but what if they pick lets say stephen curry or evans or flynn, and what if thabeet drops to the 10 pick. i know what yall saying. he wont fall that low. but like every draft from the past. teams who would thought would pick the players we been saying who they should get of needs or bpa. end up doing a oakland raider impression(see darius heywood bey over crabtree) but anyone what yall think.

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A dinosaur? The only

A dinosaur? The only stegasarus in this Draft is John Bryant.

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John Bryant

Hey John Bryant isn't a dinosaur! He is just a big, fluffy teddy bear!

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