What will Kyrie do? and can duke still go undefeated?

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What will Kyrie do? and can duke still go undefeated?

Kyrie looked amazing when he played and im really hoping he can get back to help my blue devils defend the title. But i kind of have concerns about how he will play when he comes back. Like if he will try to do to much or whatnot. When he was playing i had no doubt we would go undefeated. But now after the nailbiter with maryland im less optimisitc about our chances of going undefeated. With that being said i wonder if he will come back to school afte rthe year is over. On this site hes ranked the #2 player and hes getting nothing but love from all the media. It would be a pretty huge blow to lose nolan, kyle, and kyrie all to the draft this year. I know he said if austin rivers came to duke then he would stay but money def talks and im thinking it would be too tempting to leave when hes being guaranteed as a top pick. What do yall think he will do?

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Stay. Kyrie seems like a

Stay. Kyrie seems like a pretty bright young kid and would certainly like a chance to either go back to back national titles, or come back and try to get one from falling short.

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I think Kyrie is a poised player so, i think when he comes back he'll still have solid games coming back from the injury, as for goin undefeated idk, their a GREAT team but we kno how it goes in the ncaa ur always goin have one of those bad games so thats a iffy...... and no doubt if nolan, kyle(grad.), and kyrie the blue devils will take a blow but theyll still be a top contender but if kyrie stays there locked for the #1 or 2 spot in the ncaa

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I think he stays another

I think he stays another season, probably wants a full season of college basketball under his belt before he declares for the draft, plus with the possible chance of a lockout he would be smarter to stay an extra year. He has also said he would love to play with Austin Rivers and they would be a young, but talented backcourt.

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I also believe he will decide to stay.

I am a huge Blue Devils fan, and would love if they went undefeated, but I just can't see it. They rely a lot on outside shooting, and sometimes as a shooter you just have an off day. I can see someone getting hot on them and taking them down. I still believe they are the favorites to win it all, but an undefeated season would be truly amazing.

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Don't think they'll go

Don't think they'll go undefeated this year, they'll lose probably 2 or 3 ACC games on the road. They kinda looked rattled at home against Maryland and that can't bode well for them on the road. The Plumlees were a non-factor and it's yet to be seen if they can step up and play like what their natural talent suggest they should be. And they still gotta come out to NYC to play my Johnnies and that'll def be a tuff game. And last year Kansas was better than last year, and they got suprisingly ousted early in the tourney. And last year Duke was fortunate (arguably the most fortunate since I can remember) to win that chip last year while avoiding some of the better teams in the country (Syracuse, Kansas, Mich St. w. a health Lucas).

In regards to Irving, I wouldn't be shocked either way. Cause I know after he commited to Duke, I remember him saying somewhere he wanted to do like at least three years when ppl brought up the one and done thing. But that was before his stock rose exponentially his sr yr of HS where he began looking great and before he played those handful of games earlier this yr prior to the injury. So idk, I think he stays, cause the injury would give him an excuse to stay in school like probably he wanted and enjoy Duke; but I wouldn't be surprised if he went while being assured of a top 5 selection if he shows he's recovered, with probably family and friends etc saying he has to go and him ultimately realizing that money on the table.

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The word from Duke is that

The word from Duke is that there is a slight chance that he will stay, but I wouldn't count on it.

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cant c them going undefeated

its so hard in college to go undefeated a team get hot one game and beat anyone in the nation look at the maryland game their best player was in foul trouble and they still stayed close as for irving imo hell come back to play with austin rivers and be one of the best back courts actually the best back court in the nation

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I like Duke, but I dont see

I like Duke, but I dont see Kyrie coming back and i dont see Duke going undefeated. Hell without Nolan dropping 14 straight against Miami that game might have been their first loss.

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i think he leaves... there

i think he leaves... there will be all kinds of draft buzz once the season is over for him being a potential number one pick. i think his family will persuade him to leave and people will tell him that he needs to go pro as young as he can and thats something that scouts really value is age

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I dont see them going

I dont see them going undeafeated either. They are beatable and undefeated in the ACC even in a down year is damn near impossible. As far as Kyrie staying i doubt it since there isnt a clear cut number one or teo he could easily slide in to either spot even without playing anymore this season and the possiblility of having another injury even more serious then this one

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