What will become of Jeff Teague

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What will become of Jeff Teague

This guy has a lot of talent as a PG, but lacks the skills to be one. Is next season the real breakout season for this guy? The Hawks may be tempted to package Marvin Williams, Josh Smith, and Jeff Teague for an All-Star PG, such as CP3, Nash or settle for a lesser Tony Parker (with the right combination of players to trade). I feel like the Hawks will use Teague as a trade bait once this lockout is over.

But can this guy actually be an NBA starting PG? Or is he destined to become a Lou Williams type player?

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He can start somewhere. There

He can start somewhere. There have been worse playmaking PG's than him to start, and he really has explosive quickness and athleticism. He has some of the best quickness in the NBA. As long as he works on his D and jumper, he will be a starter. He probably will start for the Hawks next year matter of fact, or at least he should after how well he performed against Derrick Rose and the Bulls in the playoffs. He deserves a crack at it. The guy is talented, but Woodson and Drew haven't played him enough.

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Straight Up!

No way they should trade him. He came to play when it counts in the playoffs, #Joe Johnson. If they are gonna trade anyone why not use Joe "overpaid" Johnson, Marvin Williams, and Al Horford throw in a some picks for the hometown boy they call Superman.

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If given the time and

If given the time and confidence dude can be a real deal player in the League, he's not a high level passer, but he's proved he can take care of the ball and make the right plays and we all know he can score. As he gets older and more comfortable and gains more and more confidence I think he could be a top 10-12 PG

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I see no reason why he won't

I see no reason why he won't start next year given his playoff peformance. With Joe's (somewhat)passive mindset, and Crawford possibly leaving via F/A, they'll need another perimeter scorer and given Teague's inability to do that in a bench role, I see him as being the starter next year in more of scorer role than primary playmaker.

If people's memory serves them properly, he like Russell Westbrook was blowing up while getting his chance to play pG at Wake due to their starter at the time being injured. He began struggling second half of the year due to being moved back to the sg spot.

I fully believe he'll make it and have his official breakout year the next season we have.

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Jeff Teague is a good player

Jeff Teague is a good player with potential,he showed some of that during the playoffs by showing he can take of the PG spot as a starter but i dont think he will start at least for Atalanta because of what Kirk Hinrick brings which is a Defensive defender which is important in the east,and he also brings control which teague lacks a bit as he can be out of control and turnover prone.Jeff Teague I think is a good energy guy to bring of the bench who can get you 10 ppg ,but if he starts for Atlanta i wouldnt have no problem if he can play how he played in the playoffs.

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Teague was very inconstant

Teague was very inconstant during the regular season, yes he played well during playoffs, but he struggled during season and couldn't beat out Mike Bibby for the starting PG. The same Bibby who wasn't even good enough to play ahead of Mario Chalmers. Teague has A TON of work to do, starting with his consistency, to be a starting PG. I doubt the Hawks has any confidence in him to take them to the next level, and I so expect them to use his "upside" as trade bait, along with Josh Smith to solve their PG woes. Joe Johnson would be the ideal player to trade, but his contract is just too ridiculous for teams to swallow. 

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Jeff Teague was given the

Jeff Teague was given the cold shoulder by both Mike Woodson and Larry Drew during their times as HC. It wasn't until Kirk Hinrich got injured in Game 6 against Orlando that Teague finally got his chance to shine, and boy did he do that. I don't need to remind some of you guys that he averaged around 17 points 5 assists after not playing 10 minutes in the previous series also going up against the best defense in the league WHILE having to guard the MVP in Derrick Rose.

He isn't a traditional PG at all but there are a lot of PG's now who started at SG. As an Atlanta Hawk fan I've wanted Jeff Teague to start since his sophmore season but it wouldn't be tolerated by the coaching staff. I can only hope they don't shun him another year because the kid oozes potential and you can't unleash that by sitting on the damn bench.

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I agree as well with the fact

I agree as well with the fact that he just needs to continue to work on the weak areas of his game and just continue to develop his all-around skills. He will get his chance...but I am starting to doubt it will be with Atlanta. I mean they have had plenty of time experiment with him as a starter and they havent done that. They have only started him out of necessity so far and thats not enough for a player to get his experience level up.

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