What was Utah missing during the Stockton/Malone era?

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What was Utah missing during the Stockton/Malone era?

That team in the 90s was good. They had a great coach in Jerry Sloan. Great power forward in Karl Malone. Great point guard in John Stockton. Good defender Bryon Russell. Good shooter in Jeff Hornacek. This is the team in 96-97 that beat a Houston team consist of the The Dream, Drexler, and Barkley. The Lakers with Shaq and Kobe which of course wasn't as good then.The Spurs with David Robinson and Duncan his rookie year in 97-98.

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They weren't necesarily

They weren't necesarily "missing" anything. They just ran into a few better teams and a player named Michael Jordan.

IF not for Jordan's retirement, Hakeem and Drexler would be in the same boat as Stockton and Malone.

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The lacked great depth at

The lacked great depth at center during Stockton and Malone's peak years. Ostertag would have made a great backup, but just wasn't great as a starter. Overall, they had a good bench but nothing spectacular. Running into Michael Jordan certainly wouldn't have helped anyone's cause.

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Jordan Jordan Jordan

This was a championship team and getting to the finals 2 years in a row is proof of that, but MJ locked down an entire decade... too bad for everyone else in the 90's

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A ref that would blow the

A ref that would blow the whistle when Jordan pushed off Russell.

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They lacked a great 3rd guy...Jeff Hornececk really

Bryon Russell no, Ostertag hell no...They were always one player short in my eyes...although I loved when they added Eisley and Anderson to the bench they should have gone for a stud Sf for the starting lineup...they matched up well everywhere but in the athletic department...An explosive Sf at that time would have been a key to getting over the hump at least once...They needed a Big 3...I just cant think of a guy that fits that bill, Grant Hill maybe...

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Wings. They didnt have a guy

Wings. They didnt have a guy on the wing that could consistantly score, or atleast get his own shot. It wasn't about MJ, cuz the last time they played them they had every chance to win that series, but they couldn't score enough

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like any team they could have

like any team they could have used some improvements. Of all the the bulls 6 titles, i think utah puashed them as hard as anyone they faced. The first title shot shandon andersen really choked for them big time and the jazz just didnt get enough from their bench. The second one they just got beat by a better bulls team and were right in it. Obviously everyone remembers the jordan jumper to seal it, but the play before that was just as big with stockton throwing a horrible pass to malone when jordan was right behing malone and stole the ball. A couple plays here and there and who knows. And rodman did a great job forcing malone into shooting fade awyas and not getting comfortable looks. Malone was truly an amazing player and it sucks big time that he wasnt able to win one. ANd i really felt stockton was a little past his prime when the jazz got to the finals. Stockton from 90-95 was better.

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Sorry but they were good in

Sorry but they were good in Jordan's prime. So they got their feelings hurt.

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Utah didn't play by Jordans Rules!

He Pushed Off!!!!

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ran into jordan

if not for jordan stock ton and malone have a couple rings those teams were built perfectly around their two stars just they ran into jordan

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another scorer

the mailman could only do to much with a buncha white bread surroundin him....Austin Carr wasn't the answer either....

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Micheal Jordan.

Micheal Jordan.

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2 things 1. A Ref. that would

2 things

1. A Ref. that would call the game correctly (That Eisley 3 in the 2nd quarter should have counted, and also Ron Harper's 2 in the 4th should not have. If the ref would have called those two plays correctly, Utah would have won game 6 by 4 points)

2. A starting center that was much better Greg Ostertag. He was horrible. Hated him and wish he was never drafted by the Jazz.

Right now, I think Utah is pretty close to rebuilding that excellent team in the 90's. They just need a 2 that would play great next Dwill, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. OJ Mayo or Travis Leslie would be perfect. Hopefully Utah can land Mayo in a trade soon, or draft Leslie in the Upcoming draft.

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"White Bread" on Utah

Malone was probably the most stereotypical white republican they ever had on their team!

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Really? The pushoff was


The pushoff was really the difference? No one is citing the Bulls 96-54 game 3, but it was Byron Russell's pushoff that truly thwarted the Jazz out of a NBA championship that year. That was a very good Jazz team, but my avatar aside, the 97-98 Bulls had that series after game 3.

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Why did I get negged???

I just gave an opinion about what the Jazz lacked...I felt they lacked that young slasher to matchup with Scottie and score when asked to...

Oh yeah the Jazz ain't getting OJ Mayo...And Travis Leslie is a Sf ain't he...i might be getting him and CJ Leslie confused...If so I'm sorry...They should have never passed on Henry...maybe they could have gotten Hayward from trading another player(CJ Miles,Wes Mattews before the Blazers jumped in)

Point blank I still think they should have drafted Henry for the SG spot...He's better than Bell and has more potential then Hayward (who I like on the Jazz)

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Their best window of

Their best window of opportunity was 94 and 95 and they got beat by the Rockets both times.

The Rockets just whipped em in 1994. They simply had no answer for Hakeem in his prime, not to mention Hornacek was injured that year (although Jeff Malone was a decent replacement).

The 1995 Jazz team looked really strong, winning 60 games in the regular season (13 more than the Rockets). But their starting center Felton Spencer tore his achilles tendon and they really missed him in the opening round of the playoffs against Houston. Hakeem once again dominated the paint and they lost again.

Malone is arguably either the best or the second best PF of all time and Stockton is a top 5 PG all time and Sloan is one of the greatest coaches of all time, but circumstances prevented them from ever winning the big one and that unfortunatly will be part of their legacy.

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I agree wit u boxn1 100%.

I agree wit u boxn1 100%. I've been sayin dat for yrs...

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