What was the most exciting NBA game last season?

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What was the most exciting NBA game last season?

In your oponion. To me it was the Clippers vs. Wizards game from March 23. Not many people tuned in for this one (and I can't blame them, because both teams sucked), but both teams put on a show! They're too of the most athletic teams in the NBA, and there were some plays that made your jaw drop!

Since it started at 10:30 ET, I went to bed, but woke up just to see who won thinking the game was over, but I saw it was in OT, and kept watching until the 2nd OT ended. I stayed up until about 2:00 AM.

What did you guys think was the most exciting game last season. At the end of the thread, I'll probably tally up the results.

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Easy winner

This was THE GAME of the year. Triple OT! The Thunder needed this win but those dang Grizz would not go away. I remember having a morning class and I was like ok, OT #1 just be over so I can wake up on time lol Then those crazy shots by Conley and Vasquez! SMH... but it was so worth watching this game though. Such a great performance by both teams

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I personally like the

I personally like the Mavs-Lakers game 4 playoff game where Dallas hit like 8 threes in a row to seal the deal.

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one my favs was

when the utah jazz beat the heat and milsap kept hitting 3's that was a good season game the jazz just kept coming back on teams winning games.Playoff wise The memphis okc series was great and the triple O.T was the most important game of the series I lost money on that game.

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grizzlies spurs where gary

grizzlies spurs where gary neal's buzzer beater sent em to OT

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Reg season: Clippers vs. Jazz

Reg season: Clippers vs. Jazz 2OT game in early Nov. Jazz made a big comeback in the 2nd half(Blake fouled out mid 4th quarter), forced OT...had a 2pt lead at the end of the first OT when Eric Gordon threw down that monster dunk on Milsap to force a 2nd OT, and D. Will had the game winner with 6 secs left in 2OT.

Playoffs: definitely the Grizz vs. Thunder game 4 in the 2nd round. That move Durant put on Battier to seal it was just filthy!

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Mavs Thunder game 4

Mavs Thunder game 4

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Easily Mavs vs Heat game 2

Easily Mavs vs Heat game 2 when Dallas came back and won the game after Wade and Lebron were show boating.

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In the three OT game, when

In the three OT game, when the Thunder were up 7 in the 1st OT, My dad told me it was over and that I was wasting my time, so he made me go to sleep, only to find out the next day that the game went three OTs.

I remember the Utah Miami game, it was early in the season, and I wanted to watch the Heat as much as I could, so I think me and my dad watched almost the whole game online, and Millsap went off in that one.

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@WizardofOz That was a


That was a pretty exciting game, despite the fact neither team was playing any defense lol.

Griffin at 3:00 was just nuts... He was damn near looking down into the rim. He was punking Yi and McGee all game. Don't let that block by McGee fool you... Griffin was punking him.

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Best game of the year:

NBA Finals Game 6 when the overly-hyped up Triami Heat lost to some old dudes.

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Best game for me would be a

Best game for me would be a toss-up between the Hornets-Heat first meeting, the Clippers-Heat meeting where they got an upset win, and the Bulls-Heat late in the season where Derrick Rose got hot in the 4th quarter to win the game.

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