What is Tibbs Worth on Open Market??

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What is Tibbs Worth on Open Market??

The Bulls seem to be dragging their feet on getting Thibodeau signed to a long term extension. I am sure that if Tibbs was a free agent he would have suitors but does he have a lot of leverage? Some think that the Bulls and Tibbs are a perfect match because their star player buys into Tibbs coaching style. With the way that many stars run their teams would a hard nosed defensive coach be able to coach anywhere or would the players soon revolt. Phil Jackson was able to get the Bulls to play defense because MJ played defense and also because the Bulls won. He was then able to get Lakers to play because he had the resume to back it up.

How do you see this game of chicken playing out? Tibbs has won in the regular season but very likely will not have won in the playoffs at the end of this year. Is Tibbs a point A to point B kind of guy but then someone else is needed to get the team to point C? Is he deserving to be paid like a top 5 coach?

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I have no idea why the Bulls are dragging their feet on this. I have read that Thibs is not pushing hard on it as he knows something will eventually get done, but have also heard that he is steaming a bit behind the scenes that nothing has been done. The bottom line is that I don't see a better alternative to Thibs out there for this type of team make up, so the Bulls don't really have a choice but to extend him.

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extending Tibbs is a

extending Tibbs is a no-brainer...

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Maybe they'd like to see him

Maybe they'd like to see him make a few playoff adjustments or not beg them to give Omer Asik 25 million dollars before they extend him....just sayin.

Hes been a fantastic regular season coach, and is one of the best defensive coaches ever, but I get why they arent quite sure yet.

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should have already been done

unless phil jackson is walking in the door theres no reason the bulls dont extend tibbs dont forget how highly recruited he was when he was sitting beside doc rivers in boston many belived if rivers would have quit a couple years ago tibbs was next in line too coach the celts but as soon as he learned doc wasnt leaving the bulls jumped at the chance too get him and rightfully so hes done a great job in chicago and when your star player loves the coach it makes no sense not too keep him

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Unless they can get Phil

Unless they can get Phil Jackson to come back, or if they can bring in former Bulls great Jerry Sloan, it seems like Thibs is the best fit in Chicago.

He really got a lot out of these Rose Bulls squads who are a deep, regular season type team, but lack the legit second and third options to be legit title contenders.

I think they want to see how he does without Rose. If he can hang in there and keep the Bulls right at .500 then I think they will pay the man. I don't think expectations are that high for next year's playoffs given that Rose might not be 100%. But the year after that will be key. The Bulls might want a Finals appearance out of that group, and if not, Coach Thibs could start feeling some heat (warranted or not).

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