What think about Chris Paul & Dwight Howard sign with Rockets???

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What think about Chris Paul & Dwight Howard sign with Rockets???

They both expressed going to Houston (That's what I read on RealGM). It will be very good fit for them if does happen (which I doubt) going to be sign and trade for Chris Paul because I know the Clippers want somthing back like Lin, Parsons, maybe Asik or Jones in the deal. But if the rockets does land of them two they will be major contender in western conference. My opinion is it really won't happen but I have to admit they got alot cap room and will be nice for Houston.

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Not much

Paul and Harden both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Dwight Howard is a menace in more ways than one. Not sure Paul would want to mess with that mess. They should go after Gortat, he would work well for a Houston team. Cheaper too!

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They're not going to be able

They're not going to be able to clear enough space to sign both guys, but getting one is a very real possibility. All they need to do to be able to offer a max contract is waive Aaron Brooks, Tim Ohlbrecht, and James Anderson, three guys they don't need at all. They've also apparently thought about trading TRob for draft picks. I say if they're going after one of the two, it should be Howard. He had a down year but he is still undeniably the best big in the world when he is fully healthy. I think he fits perfectly with Houston's offense as he can eat up the middle while being surrounded by shooters spacing the floor. Harden already takes care of a lot of the playmaking that Paul would be in charge of. Harden should have the ball in his hands as often as possible, and that will still happen if Howard is on the team, but not if Paul is. Plus, if they wanted to subsequently trade Asik or Lin, depending on which of the two they get, Asik is a much better trade asset. Either way, Houston's in a great spot.

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They should concentrate on

They should concentrate on Howard. Chris Paul doesn't fit with Harden, it would be a Harden/Westbrook situation all over again.

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Not many point guards do fit

Not many point guards do fit that well next to James Harden because of how much he needs the ball. When you are saying he doesn't fit with the best PG in the league (or top 2) then there is a problem. A point guard like George Hill who doesn't need the ball much and can score consistently spotting up would be the only type that would really fit that well with Harden.

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Sure Chris Paul and James

Sure Chris Paul and James Harden would have to work out some chemistry but why is it assumed that they can't play together? Sure, they both like the ball in their hands but Harden/Westbrook/Durant took the Thunder to the Finals before they all hit their primes and they all want the ball. It's about sacrificing and sharing for the greater good of the team. I'm sure both would be able to do it, they already do it for Team USA, so why is that unworkable in Houston?

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This happening is a lot

This happening is a lot easier then people think... Houston can use the cap space they have to sign Chris Paul then do a sign and trade for Howard by sending Jeremy Lin and Asik... Done deal...

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