What teams should Artest and Marion be a good fit in?

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What teams should Artest and Marion be a good fit in?

Well, just wondering since there's these rumors and talks with Artest landing in Lakers for Odom and especially Marion. In addition, Artest regrets not opting out of his contract with the Kings and requests a trade. Just a question, what other teams should go after these guys?

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Marion might just stay in Miami. Him and Beasley would make a great duo at front court. Otherwise maybe he could be traded for someone like Stephen Jackson or Al Harrington on GSW. Clippers is also another option maybe for cuttino mobley and shaun livingston.

Artest should end up on the Lakers but i really think he is another person who should stay. The kings could become a good team especially with guys like Kevin Martin. Otherwise maybe Portland could use him and trade future picks and Batum and Pryzbilla.

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Artest to Mavs

Atest to the Mavs seem a perfect fit, simply because Carlisle is now their coach (Artest's previous coach at Indiana), and Artest specializes on the gameplay that Carlisle enjoys, defense

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