What Team Would You Not Want To Play For/Want To Play For

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What Team Would You Not Want To Play For/Want To Play For

Simple Question

As a Knick fan I love the team but hate the organization. Hate the lack of stability within the organization. Hate the fans who constantly wanna change up something if doesn't see immediate success(Carmelo Era for instance)

Also I'd never want to play for a crowd who would cheer for the opposing team.

I love the Knicks but I would never want to play for them

As for a team I do want to play for it would be the Spurs they are possibly the best run franchise in NBA history. Great front office, great coach, great fans. Low key and most importantly they have stability which is the most important aspect of winning basketball

How about you??

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Seeing as how I'm terrible I

Seeing as how I'm terrible I think playing for the Bobcats would be the best solution. That way I can still get my money and no one would notice that I can't play.

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My choices

Teams I WOULD play for:

Toronto Raptors
Minnesota Timberwolves
San Antonio Spurs
Indiana Pacers
New Orleans Hornets

Teams I WOULDN'T player for:

LA Lakers
LA Clippers
Atlanta Hawks
Miami Heat

All in all, I would play for any team! Those choices are just for fun lol.

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Not Play for:Clippers -

Not Play for:

Clippers - Excluding this past season, what has this team done? And Donald Sterling is enough to drive me away.

Blazers - Bad medical organization. I really don't want to say "Greg Oden, Brandon Roy" anymore.

Play for:

Spurs - For the reasons you pointed out and themsome

Thunder - A franchise molded from the Spurs (Thank Sam Presti for that)

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Not play for Hornets - i

Not play for

Hornets - i dont know why really but for some reason the team depreses me ( its irrational explination i know)

Memphis - town seems boring (have no idea could be a really great and fun town but from my preseptions)

Play for

Toronto (Home town)

New York (love the city, close to home)

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Teams I would play for:

Teams I would play for:

Timberwolves - Great coach, favorite team

Spurs - Another great coach, I like their style of play

Grizzlies - Such a enthusiastic group of players

Teams I wouldn't want to play for:

Knicks - I don't like New York..

Miami - I don't like the coach/organization/city/... you get the idea..

But when it all comes down to it.. If anyone offered me a shot to play in the NBA I'd take it no questions asked.. I don't care if its in Canada...

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The Knicks would be great

The Knicks would be great because of the garden and the fans but everything else would suck. high cost of living, the news cycle,bad leadership

over all I would want to play for the Hawks, Nice city, low cost of living, pretty women, not to big or small, major airport to escape to where I want.

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Bobcats so I could actually

Bobcats so I could actually get some minutes

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For me

I wouldn't wanna play for Toronto. Nothing against the Raptors or Canadians but I just dont wanna live in Canada. They have a great fan base and a loyal organization but it's too cold for me and I like America too much. I'd like to play for Miami. As a bench warmer I could go out to South Beach every night and hang out with LeBron and Wade. Sounds like a pretty good life to me.

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I Would Play

I Would Play For:
Toronto,Orlando, and Houston Since T-Mac Played There
Also, i'd play at
New York, Brooklyn And Los Angeles
New York is the most beautiful city it's my dream to live there some day and LA is, of course, hollywood.

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On one hand I am with dlipto,

On one hand I am with dlipto, I dont really want to play anywhere cold...but who does. Chicago...too cold, Boston....too cold. I would want to play in Miami, but then again...too much of a distraction. So I guess there isnt any place I wouldnt want to play as far as locale. The only place I could think of that I really wouldnt want to play is Minnesota (all things considered).

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Would - Knicks - Im a

Would -
Knicks - Im a homer..
Brooklyn - I'd love to apart of something "new" and "Fresh"..i know, its the same old Nets, but sure doesnt seem like it
Any Texas team - I've been to Texas a few times..calm and cool place...real chill environment, I could see myself there

Clippers- terribly run organization..
Minnesota- wayy to cold, imma need some therafluu
Pacers- grew up in the 90s a Knick fan...self explanatary, no?
Heat- read above..

Any other team i'd be neutral on

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Would: Pheonix- unlike


Pheonix- unlike Portland they have great medical staff which make Grant Hill look great at his age

OKC- I love there young explosivness


NYK: Even as a person living in New York I don't like the system and offensive desperation

Washington: I don't like them because there stupidity in recent history

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I wouldn't want to play

I wouldn't want to play for...







Want to play for....







New Orleans

Haha you can see my reasons why...

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Detroit Brookyn New



New York



Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers

Anywhere else would be fine

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I'd play

Team(s) I'd play for:

Denver Nuggets - They are my favorite team and they have a very supportive fan base. I like the up-tempo style on offense, and I would love to play for a coach like George Karl. He just seems like he can work wonders for young players (JaVale McGee).

Oklahoma City Thunder - I love what they have done with the organization. They have a very young core, but each young talent is an upincoming superstar. Durant and Westbrook are obviously two of the best players the game has to offer, James Harden is a top 10 SG already, coming off of the bench, and Ibaka has got a lot of potential to be good on the offensive side of the ball. Throw in Scott Brooks as a coach, a front office that is dedicated to winning, and a fan base that is probably the most supportive in the NBA, and you have a great basketball community.

Chicago Bulls - Illinois is the state I currently live in, so the Bulls would always be a nice fit. I love the history within the franchise. The best basketball player and one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA. Plus, I really enjoy working on the defensive side of the ball, so being taught by Coach Thibs would definitely benefit me.

Team(s) I wouldn't Play For:

Los Angeles Lakers - I've never been big on L.A. I like the atmosphere with all of the celebrities, but they are under fire too much, and the fans are probably the most arrogant, cocky fans in the entire NBA. Plus, I like teams that aren't always in the spotlight, something L.A. can't stay out of.

New York Knicks - New York is a great city, and I'd love to live there. As far as playing basketball, not so much. They have had some pretty bad luck with everything they have been doing lately, and their organization is just a huge mess. The overpay veterans and don't use the Draft as an efficient tool to make their team better. Also, I can't stand their fans. They get too unhappy too quickly, and it hurts the Knicks appeal.

Miami Heat - I hate Miami. I have never really liked them, and whenever LeBron and Bosh showed up, that pretty much did it. It wasn't the Big 3 combining that made me angry, it was the way they came about. LeBron publicly telling Cleveland to F**K off, and then the whole press conference deal whenever they promised all of these NBA titles to the Heat fans, whenever they have to go out and play for those titles, not just confirm that is what is going to happen. I just dislike them.

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I would play for:

Detroit-- Love their style of play, respected and always plays with a chip on their shoulder. No superstars, humble team

San Antonio -- Read above...

Chicago-- Great chem, good record and nice city

I wouldn't play for

Lakers -- No loyalty (gasol got them two rings, yet they always talk about trading him)

Heat- Period.

Clippers-- Terrible Organization.

Wizards-- No structure.

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I believe we're putting

I believe we're putting ourselves in the shoes of an NBA player, so the obvious answer is the Spurs, but what about the Suns? You get to score, shoot threes, and play no defense. I think Michael Besley just found a home.

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I would want to play

I would want to play for:

Timberwolves: Home town team. Big fan and I am a big home guy.

Suns: Like their style of play except i would actually play a little D

Thunder: Great future and kind of a small town college atmosphere to it. I would probably get annoyed with Westbrook though.

Golden State: Great Fan base

Dallas: They have awesome locker rooms

I would not want to play for:

Celtics: Hate the celtics

Lakers: Hate the lakers

Clippers & Knicks: Not a huge city guy

Portland: Would rather not have my knee injured 24/7

New Orleans: Hate the saints and want nothing to do with the place

Toronto: Dont want to live in Canada

Detroit: Dont want to live in detroit:

ha guess I am kind of picky

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Dlipto 2 words

Bath salts. I'm good. But here are the teams I would/would not want to play for (sorry if I offend anyone


LA Lakers- I can't stand Kobe and his attitude and we would not get along at all. Don't really get aong with most Laker fans anyways.

NY Knicks- I don't really get along with people that live on the East Coast. And New York is dirty and bedbug and rat ridden. Not to mention everything in New York is overpriced. And the organization is unstable. No thank you.

Philadelphia- I've passed by Philly before but never walked around or talked to people. but from living in PA for a year and a half, it seems like the people try to be like New York. So I woudn't want to live here. But they do have a great team though.

New Jersey Nets- Dirty town and with people who have that New York stye uppity attitude. Not to mention the team is years away from being relevant. No thank you.

New Orleans Hornets- I'm from New Orleans myself but I never really like it there, and would not want to come back. Plus guys are crazy out there. Also, the organiztion is in disarray, after having David Stern run it and theres still not a desginated owner yet. Is going to take some years until this franchise gets stabled.

Detroit Pistons- The town has a bad economy and is stll some years away from being relevant again. The organation needs a couple of more draft picks and a stable coach before being good again

Miami Heat- Zombies and bath salts. Enough said.

Teams I'd want to play for:

LA Clippers- I would love to play with Blake and be part of those exciting plays he does. I would like to throw a lob of my own to Blake and be in awe after he doesn some crazy alley oop dunk.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Minneota looks like a laid back place and the team is on the up and up. It also helps that the team has a savvy playmaker in Ricky Rubio. He would make playing for this team so much fun and would make me a much better player.

Golden State- I mean I would want to play while they are in Oakland. Golden State has a great fan base, good players and a cool coach. I would love to be here.

Dallas Mavericks- I would love to play with a future hall of fame player in Dirk and also be able to chat with Mark Cuban. That dudes a cool owner and would make playing here so much fun.

Phoenix Suns- Though really hot, the city seems so laid back. Also I'm a fan of the offense of the Suns. Yea they play no defense, but they have a pretty exciting offense.

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As long as I am in the NBA I

As long as I am in the NBA I would be happy to play for any team except the Clippers. I am NOT playing for a openly racist owner.

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