What team would you LIKE 2 SEE Rubio on?

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What team would you LIKE 2 SEE Rubio on?

Forget all the rubio rumors and talk for a few minutes and tell me which team u would love to see him play for.

For me it's either OKC because of the thought of him being able to play along side of westbrook,KD,and green,or the kings

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I like...

The suns. If he could play under Steve Nash he could be GREAT!!! Now this most likely won't happen but if they were to trade for him say.... Amare to Memphis or something idk but I would love to see it happen.

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Kings and Suns

If he went to the Kings he would have an instant impact and should play well alongside Martin and Thompson and maybe Hawes. He could become the leader of the team and point that team in a positive direction, for the future, with their youth. I also would like to see him on the Suns. He could be like Barbosa and Nash and have them play with two all-star bigs and wing alongside them. If this were to happen they would become much more exciting to watch, and would even have more depth to possibly go farther in the playoffs.

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Im obviously a knick fan, but Rubio in Mike D'antonio's offense would be sick. If he could develop jump shot watch out, in this offense he could average 20 points and 14 assists

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I'd really like to see the

I'd really like to see the Hornets get him but no way in heck will it

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The Hornets? You want to

The Hornets? You want to see him spend his first few years playing behind one of the best PGs in the league. He would get very limited playing time and spend alot of time off the point position. That seems like a bad fit. I would like to see him play for the Suns because one year under Nash then stepping into the starting role with Amare in the post could make him an allstar by 2011-2012.

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