What team has the MOST to gain for next season with a quality lottery pick?

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What team has the MOST to gain for next season with a quality lottery pick?

What team has the MOST to gain for next season with a quality lottery pick? I've placed teams into three groups for this agrument (write offs, unlikely to make playoffs and playoff contenders).

WRITE OFFS (no chance of making the playoffs and the pick has no real impact for the season)

Sac. --> no one player (not named kobe or lebron) can help this team.

Minn. --> too many holes to fill in the back court and just too young right now.

Mem. --> *see Minn. just switch back court holes to front court

G.S --> alot of good indivdual parts but no direction

LAC. --> *see G.S

Mil. --> a big miss in last years draft in the first round hurts along with the fact the team is built around a guy who's game is based on jump shots = another 32 to 35 win season

UNLIKELY TO MAKE PLAYOFFS ( but team is moving in a positive direction and pick will add to it)

OKC --> a lucky bounce of the balls could be huge for the thunder how nice would t. griffin be beside their line up of young talent. Their in a great place to take best talent available.

N.Y --> stop waiting for you know who.. b/c he ain't coming! but they've got rid of most of the poison on their roster and a quality versatile 3/4 guy would only improve their team until some free agency help.

N.J --> d. harris,b. lopez and v. carter(who is not going to be around for long) is a solid core for the upcoming year. an atheltic/scoring guard could have the nets in the playoff mix for years to come.

IND. --> they are builting a tough team that will be lead by d. granger not sure what r. hibbert will bring but b. rush will be a solid role player and quality young experienced player i.e e. clark could help them move into the playoff contender group.

PLAYOFF CONTENDERS ( *assuming all these teams remain healthy for most part/in order from most likely to least)

1. WAS. --> the wizards have the greatest chance of these teams to get the first overall pick and the one player that truely could start and have a big impact on a team for the upcoming season. with a health roster their opening day lineup could include: g. arenas, c. bulter, a. jamison, b. haywood and d. stevenson with the possiblity of b. griffin coming off the bench. even if they do miss out on the first overall pick they have some nice young pieces( n. young, j. mcgee) and adding r. rubio or h. thabeet wouldn't be such a bad back up plan.

2. TOR. --> the raptors have the best player(c. bosh) not playing in the playoffs. for anyone that knows anything about basketball the raptors most glaring need is a wing who can score and create off the dribble and these guys dont grow on trees but luckily for the raptors picking in the top ten and if you do your homework this draft may provide one for you. if the raptors can walk away from this draft with one of j. harden, t. evans, e. clark, g. henderson or t. williams and resign marion for the right price the raptors starting lineup could be: j. calderon, 1st round pick, marion, c. bosh and a. barganani

3. PHX. --> the suns may have the best record of the teams listed here but the fact still remains that they play in the west and it is no easy task to make the playoff. the suns are getting older but still have enough talent to make a run for the playoff and with the addition of a young guard to help s. nash on the amount of time he has to spend on the court they could easily be in the playoffs. look for the suns to add one of j. flynn, b. jennings or t. lawson.

4. CHA. --> the bobcats are soo close they can taste it. alot of the turn around has to do with the coaching and the mentality that l. brown comes with. the bobcats have gone from a bottom of the pack team to a tough/defensive team. if the bobcats can add scoring wing that still has the toughness that l. brown requires this team will be in the mix for the playoff. look for the bobcats to take a hard look at one of g. henderson, t. williams, t. evans and w. ellington.

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T. Griffin

Dont you mean B.Griffin? That is for OKC

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i thinks the wizards and

i thinks the wizards and suns r playoff teams without the lottery pick, assuming the health of amare and arenas. i think if okc can add some bench depth, they can be a monster in the 10-11 season. but the team that can improve the most with a good pick is toronto.

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im not a fan but mil is gonna be alot better then you think..they hada lot of injuries

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If they get Griffin that team is going to be a problem every night for everyone.

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Minnesota is not a right off by any stretch. If their key young guys (Love, Foye, Brewer, ect) all make the improvements that come with experience and putting in the extra work and they land the top point guard in the draft (Rubio IMHO) and that player performs up to expectations, I see them making a push for that 7/8 spot in the west. They dont seem to have any character issues on the team (like the Clips) and they have arguably the best low post scorer in the NBA in Big Al (something neither the Kings or the Griz have). With a better commitment to the defense side of the ball I think Minnesota will be one of the suprise teams in the west next year.

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