What team are you in 2K14? if you haven't gotten 2K14 what team will you be?

I haven't had the opportunity yet to buy or even rent NBA 2K14. For those of you who own the game what team are you in association? For those of you who don't own it what team do you plan on being? I am leaning towards Orlando Magic. I want to see how I do with their young talent ( Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris, Moe Harkless, Victor Oladipo, Andrew Nicholson) I plan on starting Vucevic, G.Davis, Harris, Oladipo and Nelson. I'm going to use Arron Afflalo as my sixth man since i plan on trading him and maybe Glen Davis. I'd like to see if i could pry away derrick williams from minnesota. I might consider doing a trade of Davis, Afflalo and Nelson for Williams, Barea and a first round pick. By doing that trade I would have my backup point guard next season. If I land in the top five in the draft ( which will be more than likely) i will go for a point guard. I then would if i have the cap space try to upgrade my bench. I may even possibly try for a power forward in free agency (unless Derrick Williams becomes a baller). I'm leaning towards maybe trying to sign Kenneth Faried when he's a free agent or LaMarcus Aldridge. So What do you think?

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Always LA Lakers for me, my

Always LA Lakers for me, my kids loves the game, their interest started after I bring them at the live game. Since then they started playing such game both physical and virtual like one at

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