What The Suns Should Do

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What The Suns Should Do

If I'm the Suns, I would target Louis Williams and CJ Miles...Louis Williams would be great to have off their bench backing up Kendall Marshall...Miles gives them a wing who can spread the floor and can handle the rock a bit to get to the rim

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Louis Williams

is a SG and can't back up anyone at PG. It doesn't look good for them keeping Nash and maybe thats a good thing that will get them out of the "Constant playoff- no chance at championship rut". They need to get a PG with Nash gone. I'm ok with starting Marshall but I dont think he should be playing 38 mins a game. Boykins/Dragic/ Hinrich type PG. (This is all assuming A Brooks gets a big offer and the Suns dont match)

Then I would go after Beasley. Everyone hates him and says he shoots too much, yeah he might be a let down as a number 2 overall pick. But as just an NBA player he is a great talent and people need to get over where he was drafted and think about who is actually is. This move would only work if Dudley can play a "Landry Fields Type Role" at SG.

They only have Gortat, Frye, Warrick and Morris upfront. Suns fans is Morris more of a 3 or 4 for you guys? I think they need to get a back up C on the cheap. ex: Jason Collins, Ryan Hollins, H Haddadi ect

PG- Marshall- Vet FA- Telifair

SG- Dudely- Childress- Beasely

SF- Dudely- Childress- Beasely- Morris (4 guys to play the 2 wing spots)

PF- Frye- Warrick- Morris

C- Gortat- Frye- 7 ft FA

I just don't see the Suns signing a huge FA this summer. This team with a lottery pick on a SG next year could build for the future...

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Time to rebuild

They have one of the older rosters which is never good for a bad team. Time to ditch the old timers and start the rebuilding process.

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PG- Marshall, Brooks SG- Eric

PG- Marshall, Brooks

SG- Eric Gordon or OJ Mayo, Redd (1 year deal)

SF- Michael Beasley, Dudley ( sixth man)

PF- Morris, Frye

C- Gortat, Lopez

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