What a Steal Whiteside Could Potentially Be For Sacramento

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What a Steal Whiteside Could Potentially Be For Sacramento

What an absolute steal Whiteside could be for the Kings. It's up to him whether or not we wants to be a dominent bigmen or another Patrick O'Bryant.

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imagine cousins n whiteside

imagine cousins n whiteside together

thats scary

two seven footers
one kills u offensively, the other defensively

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Cousins, Sammie D, Brockman, Whiteside

4 centers so he will have to earn his time to play

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I now it could be but he got

I now it could be but he got alot of big man to beat to get sime playing time but him and cousins starting would be good T.V.

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He probably won't get big minutes early, but he could play the four alongside Cousins. He is thin and will struggle against NBA centers, and Cousins will provide the offense. Whiteside should keep improving his jump shot.

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Dalembert is gone after this

Dalembert is gone after this year so it opens up room for him.

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They may end up puting Hassan

They may end up puting Hassan at the four and Cousins at the five. It all depends on whether or not Hassan can bang in the paint with tother centers. A lot of people including Hassan feel like he's a more natural power forward. Fine with me I see Cousins as more of a center anyway.

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They could shop Dalembert for

They could shop Dalembert for a guard, maybe a 3 shooter

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Keep Dalumburt, groom Hassan.

Keep Dalumburt, groom Hassan. What a perfect situation for him. He has the time, low early expectations, to improve himself which most will agree he definitely needs.

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Let me start off and say I

Let me start off and say I feel that we (the kings) had as good a draft as anyone... Cousins will become a nightmare and we will physically overpwoer so many teams with the combination of tyreke and cousins. Whiteside will be a project guy who will probably tide the bench this year learning from dalembert who I'm assuming we trade. ( funny to think whiteside was a projected lottery guy and he ends up going in the second round) I'd like us to get a guard who can move without the ball, be a catch and shoot guy, as well as handle well enough when teams force the ball out of tyrekes hands. Kirk hinrich, a Ben Gordon type guy, someone like that, and then we have omri at the 3. That means when cousins gets doubled or tyreke gets doubled it's lights out because those guys will have so many open looks it's not even funny. I am stoked beyond reason at this point. Now I don't have to check every draft website 20-30 times a day anymore. Thank god!!!

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