What should the Suns do with Robin Lopez?

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What should the Suns do with Robin Lopez?

With the recent acquisition of Marcin Gortat, it seems to me like Robin Lopez is now the odd man out due to his inability to establish himself as a true NBA starter averaging under 7 ppg for the year

I think the Suns need to start Gortat and move lopez to the bench and go with this lineup:






they are 14-20...time for an adjustment, Lopez is playing very poorly this year and the Suns need to make some sort of change

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They should tank the season, let nashtastic plays some BBall elsewhere, think rockets-Hawks, at best they'll finish 12th in the west, they badly need a PG or a PF in the draft, a good one.

Give him to the knicks, he was pretty good along stat last year, like 13-6-1,2 as a starter in 25 minutes a game.

I know d'antoni hate the big mens, the centers, but that's the size, the length they lack, when they'll face the magic in the first round, better offense than Turiaf, that's ridiculous to put Stat in foul troubles as a C, he can crush them as the PF...he is.

I give Rolo and the magic pick 2011(from the hedo trade) for the dogghouse phenom, the next josh smith(maybe better) men AR.

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HAHA..The Doghouse Phenom!!!

HAHA..The Doghouse Phenom!!! Wtf lol.

Yeah Robin really needs to be beside of a dominant offensive force down low to take more pressure off of him. Honestly I hate to say it, as much as I liked him draft time, but until he figures things out, he's best suited off the bench.

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Lopez really needs to be a 3rd big on a team. He doesn't really have any go to moves down low or any range on his shot. I think his ceiling isnt real high.... I think he could be just like Anderson Varejo. If he does this he could get about 10ppg 8rpg and 1.5bpg and bring amazing hustle and defener. Right now I think on a winning team he is best suited playing 15-18 minutes a game just going balls to the wall on defense and setting picks and rolling to the basket.

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Yeah the Dogghouse Phenom is

Yeah the Dogghouse Phenom is classic but's let get realistic he got no chance at being better then Josh Smith at this point. He can still be a good player but not Josh Smith, J Smoove at the same age was winning dunk contest and turning the league into his playground.

Yeah if the Suns can get good value for Lopez they should def look into trading him and New York is a great fit. The Suns also got to think about rebuilding they are going nowhere.

There was a rumor of the Knicks interested in Nash and this would be interesting because they would be able to get him for Felton but would you trade Felton for Nash at this point?

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Send him to the

Send him to the Knicks....please

Randolph for Lopez?

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Forget Melo the Nets should

Forget Melo the Nets should trade for him. The Lopez brothers together once again!

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as a suns supporter... i

as a suns supporter... i think lopez fits if he getting the majority of the min. as the 5... gortat is better now and getting the mintues, lopez needs a change of scenery. he wont get any better in phx unless he works his ass off, and can seperate himself from the pack and get the starting 5 back

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Why would the Suns trade away

Why would the Suns trade away one of the few big men that they have who can actually rebound? (Yes Frye I am talking about you, you have no rebounding skills). Sure Gortat has claimed the starting C spot but that doesnt mean that Lopez can't be utilized as a serviceable backup incase of foul trouble or if both Lopez and Gortat are in there at the same time playing the PF and C spots if Gentry wants to play big. He may not be a huge post threat but he provides toughness down low, is a solid defender, and brings energy.

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