What Should the Pacers do with Lance Stephenson?

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What Should the Pacers do with Lance Stephenson?

I think the Pacers should trade him to the Cavs for probably Leon Powe...Stephenson, plays for the state he played his college ball in, Ohio, and Powe adds a veteran with championship experience to the Pacers.

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Thats easier said than done,

Thats easier said than done, who knows if Dan Gilbert will want to take on a guy with character issues

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Cut him...

Cut him loose before anything else happens. Everybody was worried about his bad character issues before the draft, and he proved them right. He is a handful and has a history of bad choices. Larry Bird looked smart at first, drafting him and he responded with a great summer league. Now this, and Larry looks like he should have joined everyone else in passing on him.

He pushed his baby mama down the stairs, as everyone knows, then HE TOOK HER HEAD AND HIT IT AGAINST THE LAST STEP. C'mon, that's terrible. Sorry but cut him and count your losses, talent or not.

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wait untill you get all the

wait untill you get all the facts and then make a decision

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I agree. buy him out or wait if he is convicted then you won't have to pay because that is a contract breach. then focus on your other newcomer paul george. he is worth a look at the swingman positions. also Jones was the pacers best player for large parts of last season so stick with him because he will probably benefit from collison's arrival as much as anybody because he likes it up-tempo.

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tough break

it sucks that he did that. usually i believe in 2nd chances but in this case its hard for me to argu efor wat lance did.

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Until all the evidence comes

Until all the evidence comes out then I think the Pacers hold fire but it certainly doesn't look good for Lance.

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