What should the celtics do?

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What should the celtics do?

What should be Danny Ainge's next big move? Trade the big three? keep them?

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Eventually he will have to make that decision...idk when though....if he does now, I can see them trading Garnett for Josh Smith....I make one more run at the title and then look to get younger and athletic.

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Idk what they should do but I

Idk what they should do but I hope my bulls get dibs on Ray Allen before its too late.

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what he should try to do is

what he should try to do is to make the stronger team for next season to compete for the title.

for start i will re-sign Delonte West to stay being Rondo backup and big baby Davis only for reasonable price.

i liked the selection of two very underrated and ready players in the draft, i think JaJuan Johnson could come and fight with big baby Davis to fill an important role of the bench of about 20 minutes, E'twaun Moore also could contribute nicely, he's a great shooter that know how to play, he remind me Gary Neal who i quite admire as a player and love his game and mentality...

as for free agent signing, i will try to use the MLE money on two players with experience that fill needs and could help, Kenyon Martin and Anthony Parker!

Kenyon Martin could bring defensive force and quality addition to the front court, even maybe to start and be some of an alternative to what Perkins has been given.

Anthony Parker will bring outside shooting, intelligence, defense and good backup of the bench.

that will give Boston nice, strong roster imo:

Rajon Rondo/Delonte West/Avery Bradley
Ray Allen/Anthony Parker/E'twaun Moore
Paul Pierce/Jeff Green/Von Wafer
Kevin Garnett/JaJuan Johnson/big baby Davis
Kenyon Martin/Jermaine O'Neal

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Rough patch

The only chance at improving is figuring out a sign-and-trade involving Jeff Green. Green for Kaman or Green and Allen for Biedrins and Ellis are options. I can't see either trade effecting the regular season outcome. Possibly having a lively 7- footer could help in the playoffs. Bottom line, this team has no where to go so the best move is finding vets and hoping to find diamonds in the draft.

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I'd say they should try to

I'd say they should try to mount one more championship run this year, especially since the lockout could give them some rest and reduce the burden of their potential need for depth. After this season they should break up the team, let Allen walk if they can't execute a sign and trade and trade Garnett or Pierce (more likely Garnett). Then hopefully the Clippers pick ends up in the late lottery and they draft an impact player, as the Celtics have drafted well in recent years.

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Boston needs to get more

Boston needs to get more athletic to compete with Miami, bottom-line. They were intimidated by Miami's aggressive athleticism and need to go some way towards matching it. I'd rather not re-sign West and instead bring along Bradley after a year on the sidelines.

I also think Von Wafer needs to be a regular part of the rotation and to be given more freedom to score off the bench. After Davis' disappearing act in the playoffs I don't see him sticking around, but they'll definitely re-sign Green or Ainge will have some explaining to do. I was initially annoyed with the Johnson pick-up, but the Purdue boys bring some youth, but also the experience necessary to crack the rotation of a veteran championship contender.

If they let Davis go, Johnson will get plenty of minutes to back-up KG, and Moore will fight Wafer for minutes. While I couldn't believe we traded Brooks, it might be for the best.

As for doing anything regarding the Big 3, I think he just waits for their deals to expire rather than making a trade, no huge dropoff for any of them yet, so no reason to trade them away. I don't think the Celtics need to make any wholesale changes to remain competitive, they just need to adjust their rotation to give the more athletic players minutes in the regular season.

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Young Bodies off the bench

Anthony Parker & Kenyon Martin = Getting Older, they need to look in2 Avery Bradley and see what they have and also play Von Wafer. Wafer i remember had a nice year while he was starting in Houston, he should earn more minutes as the backup 2/3. Play Jajuan Johnson becuz i think he can contribute right away, and Etwan Moore should be a solid role player an should get better on a veteran team such as this. Jeff Green should be more comfortable in his second year, i dont think he will ever be a number 1 or even 2 option but a solid third scorer. They need to find a solid center maybe Delambert or Dampier??? Overall they would still be highly competitive but i do think their championship window is closed, unless KG somehow find the fountain of youth.

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Jeff Green in the starting line-up.

Jeff Green in the starting line-up because playing off the bench limited his effectiveness alot. He also never got into his OKC rhythm but I expect him to be alot better this year. I'd slide Pierce down to the off guard and let Ray come off the bench. I can envision Ray Allen playing 20-25 min a game and still average around 12-14 ppg in his benchrole. He's still the most dangerous shooter in the league and this will increase his effectiveness even more.

With Moore the Celtics have their eventual backup off guard of the future, I saw him play alot this year and this is one hell of a talented kid. If he can improve his consistency then he'll have a lenghty career. JaJuan will get alot of minutes, this guy can come in and play right away, I can see him having the same impact as Taj Gibson in his rookie season. Adding another (still useful) veteran player in the frontcourt seems like an absolute must.

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use big baby in a sign and trade

sign and trade baby for cole Aldrich and Nate Robinson

Rondo - Allen - Pierce - KG - Aldrich

Nate - West - Green - Johnson - O'neal

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Boston is already over the

Boston is already over the cap next year likely with 6 players under contract. That means they WILL have trouble competing int he middle next year. Shaq retiring and Kristic going overseas really hurt. They almost have to try and get something for Green or Baby to compete in the middle. If not, they're clear also-rans next year, but at least have a ton of Cap Space for the Dwight summer comming up.

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If they want to contend for a title, they have to find a way so that Bradley and Wafer don't have to play. They also have to find a way to integrate Jeff Green into the line-up effectively. Maybe starting him would hide some of his deficiencies, but either Pierce or Allen have to be on the floor at all times if that is the case, and Ray Allen needs to play more minutes than Green, as he is very important to the Cs, and no longer a defensive liabiltiy, which Jeff Green is at either forward position. Green could improve, but his lack of quickness and overall feel for the game will hold him back. Many of the Cs struggles came last year because Ray Allen didn't get enough shots. He had a crazy efficient year, but the Celtics didn't get him the ball enough late in the year.

If the Celtics are to lose either Glen Davis or Jeff Green, I would rather they lose Green. Davis can play center and, despite his lack of offensive ability, is an excellent defender who is valuable to the team. Sure, they could do with an upgrade, but they aren't going to find one. I expect the Celtics to sign a veteran center, though, which will give them four solid bigs. JaJuan Johnson is unlikely to play when the Celtics are at full strength. They are in win now mode, and can't afford to give rookies big playing time. I like Johnson, but he will only play when Garnett or O'Neal get hurt.

To address Cjwhitaker's point, the Celtics know what they have in Avery Bradley. They have a player who can effectively guard either guard position and has little else in the way of NBA skills. He can't make jump shots well enough to keep the defense honest and he is a poor ball handler who has little to no pg skills. At this stage in his career, a team that is forced to give him playing time is in trouble if it wants to win a title. Von Wafer just isn't that good of an NBA player. He doesn't defend, has a poor B-ball IQ, and isn't a great shooter. He is a poor man's DeShawn Stevenson.

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KG for Josh Smith doesn't

KG for Josh Smith doesn't work cap wise.

Also Smith has just 2 yrs left on his deal worth 25 mill total thats not an awful contract.

KG I can't see teams trading away players with value for him now, he's not the same player he was even in 08.

Ray Allen seems to have the most value with a 10 million expiring and him still playing at a high level.

I think they'll give it another year with Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG and tweak the roster some.

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