What Sg and C duo is closer to the Penny and Shaq combo

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What Sg and C duo is closer to the Penny and Shaq combo

1. Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard

2. Evan Turner and Andrew Bynum

3. Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins

I was just watching some old Orlando games and I loved the Sg and C combo they had going there

Penny could play Pg, Sg and Sf effectively and Shaq dominated on the inside...

Which current duo would you compare to the classic Penny and Shaq combo

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Prolly Et and Drew because

Prolly Et and Drew because Kobe is a better scorer than anyone in the league and Dwight's Post Moves arent what shaqs were when he would bully you or shoot a jump hook. Et is smooth like Penny and can pass and see the floor like a PG, Drew is developing into a dominant offensive player, plus Et and Drew and only 24 and 25

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Problem is that no one is close to Shaq.

That kind of SG who can play a bit of PG and SF... There's some. Not to the extent of Penny. I think LeBron is closest to Penny (except he's obviously better and plays SF).

But I guess Kobe, Joe Johnson, Harden, Hayward, Shumpert, Turner, Green, Evans... All are SGs who can somewhat play those 3 positions.

Who are their center counterparts?




Hayward-Al Jeff





Then guys like Green, Shump, and Hayward have too small of roles on their own team. Perk and Lopez? Meh. So that basically only leaves the 3 you have listed.

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I say et and drew. Evan can

I say et and drew. Evan can play 3 positions like penny(but not as good) and Andrew bynum is a huge body like shaq and can just muscle his way in the paint. By the way Kobe is not the best scorer in the league it's easily kd

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The closest comparison

Would Be McGrady and Yao combo. But I know you said current so they don't count. Onions already explained why there really arn't any current duos that are the same as those two.

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Rodney Stuckey/Andre Drummond

Rodney Stuckey/Andre Drummond

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Penny was a PG. I don't think

Penny was a PG. I don't think you can compare them with today's combos since there is no 6'7 athletic PG right and a dominant 7'1 centre right now in the league. The closest you can get right now is probably Jrue and Bynum. Maybe Tyreke and Cousins but it might be a bit of a stretch now since he's not playing PG with Isaiah's future looking bright.

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Probably Bynum/Turner,

Probably Bynum/Turner, because Penny was a PG and although Turner isn't, he's a good distributer. Also Bynum is at least the same size as Shaq, haha. I think he'll be a 21 and 12 player next year in Philly. They distributed the ball really well last year and didn't have a clear cut #1 option. Bynum will give them that, a guy who is really hard to stop and can give you 20 points a night.

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