What senior duo is better?

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What senior duo is better?

What senior duo is better, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson, or Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler? This one is really tough for me because all four players are firing on all cylinders! They are leading their teams with absolute authority and their scoring stats are almost identical...But bottom line is that these players are playing for their team, and not for themselves which is always something to admire.

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I would take Smith and

I would take Smith and Singler. Smith is IMO the craftiest scorer in the country after Jimmer (if he had Kemba's load he could easily avg. 26-28ppg) and Singler is the reigning Final 4 MOP.

Check these out, the Big East fab four senior guard combos (excluding Abromaitis), while we're discussing top seniors:

- Gibbs (16.3 ppg, 3.2 threes) and Wannamaker (12.3/5.1/5.1/1.6 steals) for #4 Pitt

- Hanbrough (17.2/4/3.7/2.3 threes) and Abromaitis (14/6.4/2 threes) for #8 Notre Dame

- Fisher (15.7/5.1/1.6 steals) and Stokes (14.8/3 threes) for #9 Nova

- Freeman (18.7/53.8%FG) and Wright (12.8/5.4/1.6 steals) for #11 Georgetown

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Is not a senior.

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Give me Smith and Singler,

Give me Smith and Singler, they already have a championship, and those 2 players are even better this year, specially Smith.

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