What projected 2nd rounder will sneak into the 1st round?

My picks is Jack McClinton.

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Collison or Gibson

Possibly back to back, LAL and CLE.

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dum question

this is a dumb question because its hard to predict where somebody's gonna go late in the first or early in second

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Jack Mcclinton might not even get drafted... What makes you think he would go into the first round? Victor Claver or Jonas Jerebko or possibly even Rodrigue Beaubois may be drafted by a team with few roster spots(i.e. the Lakers) that want to leave a foreign player overseas to develop like an Ian Mahinmi or a Serge Ibaka.

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late first round

I see guys like Beaubois, Gibson, and collison all possibly sneaking in. Also, I keep thinking Heytvelt would be a good fit for the Lakers, especially with Powell a free agent. Heytvelt seems like he would fit the triangle well be cause he can shoot and pass from the perimeter.

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i agree that it will

i agree that it will probably be a european prospect. i like marcus thornton, toney douglas, darren collison, jodie meeks and/or jeff pendergradft to possibly sneak into the 1st round as far as college players.

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Knicks want Jack McClinton

Knicks want Jack McClinton and will probably buy a 2nd round pick to get him.

Tony Douglas is a guy that may slip in.
Danny Green also.

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There's NO way Jack McClinton will be picked in the first round.
Toney Douglas, Josh Heytvelt, Jody Meeks, and Dionte Christmas have the possiblity sneak in. Another one to keep your eyes on is Nick Calathes. Take for instance the Portland Trailblazers, who have multiple draft picks, could be willing to take a chance on Calathes at #24 so that Calathes comes over in a year or two.

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the draft is short on bigs

so Heyvelt and Pendergraph both legit 6'11 could sneak in both LA and the Cavs need frontcourt depth

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rodrigue beaubois maybe

rodrigue beaubois maybe

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Toney douglas definately

Toney douglas definately will and jeff pendergraph

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Marcus Thornton, Danny Green

Marcus Thornton, Danny Green

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