What position should the detroit pistons address in the draft?

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What position should the detroit pistons address in the draft?

I wanna say draft a complimentary piece for Greg monroe, but then again they need another solid gaurd in there rotation. Thoughts?

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They do not need a guard they

They do not need a guard they need a big man like john henson to play alongside monroe

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I've always said they need

I've always said they need another big especially with Big Ben seeming to have retired. Hopefully Big Ben remains with the team in some capacity as he'd be a great guy to help mentor a young big.

Within their draft rage they have Sullinger, Leonard, Perry Jones, Henson, Zeller and Moultrie so they have a fair few options and Joe Dumars has drafted well in the last couple of years.

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Stuckey and Knight seem to be

Stuckey and Knight seem to be working well together, and they are both young enough that a backcourt spot shouldn't be a priority this draft.

It'd have to be either SF or PF/C. I personally think Monroe is better suited at the C position, simply because he's less likely to be outmuscled at the 5, than too slow at the 4 the way the NBA metagame is structured these days. It depends where they end up in draft, but if they stay where they are I'd probably take Moultrie at 9, simply because they are closer to being relevant than people realise and having a guy who could come right in and produce is going to be very helpful. If Moultrie is off the board I'd take Henson, Sullinger and then Meyers Leonard.

There are no SFs worth taking in the 5-10 bracket, so unless they get lucky, I'm thinking it'll be a PF.

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i agree on taking a pf

henson would bring great shotblocking and rebounding while sullinger provides a very good offensive punch down low imo they couldnt go wrong with either of these guys just depends if they wanna go with the def go or the off guy

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You can most definately go

You can most definately go wrong with taking either sullinger or henson as neither are can't miss prospects and hinestly I'm not sold on anyone at 9 except Perry. My hope is that someone slips like last year because as it is now I dont see anyone else that can help our team significantly.

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I think they need a big

I think they need a big man...i have them taking Terrence Jones right now.

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