What NBA Teams are looking forward to watching this year and why?

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What NBA Teams are looking forward to watching this year and why?

Here is a list of teams I'm looking forward to watching this NBA Season ( not necessarily in any order)

1) Chicago Bulls- My favorite NBA Player Derrick Rose is back. I can't wait to see how Jimmy Butler does as well. Butler is an amazing athletic defender. I hope the starting five ends up being Noah, Boozer, Deng, Butler and Rose. I want to see if they can get past the Miami Heat.

2) Minnesota Timberwolves- Can't wait to see if Kevin Martin will end up helping out this team. The last two seasons the T-Wolves were playing around .500 ball when either Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio went down with an injury. You see how bad they were after one of those two were gone. Can't wait to also see Shabazz Muhammed. I do feel this team will be a playoff team unless Love, rubio and martin all go down at the same time. I also like Rick Adelman coaching.

3) Indiana Pacers- now that they got Luis Scola in the trade with the Suns talk about some big man and some off the bench. I love that Scola could come in and give either Hibbert or David West some rest. Larry Bird has done an amazing job at putting this team together.

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